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After more than a week of writing, editing, formatting, and styling, I finally published this monster.
Yes, the rumors are true. I've put together the most comprehensive list of link building strategies on the Web. If there's any post on my blog you should bookmark for future reference, this is...
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Monster is an understatement, this ate the monster for lunch...
Shoot, it possibly ate the monster, the giant and some poor random dragon that was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Wow, it just ate the monster, the giant and some poor random dragon that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and then had +Michael J. Kovis for dessert!
"Example: YouTube allows one followed link in your profile."
This is gone after 7th March 2012 when YouTube will force the new design on all channels.
+Keith Brown, in that case, being eaten for dessert and all, I would like to ask +Jon Cooper where the other 5,000 words are to his epic post... Hmmm Jon? Are you hoarding all that knowledge for yourself? Ha ha. If you were, I wouldn't blame you one bit.

+Dan Petrovic is right. The new design allows for multiple links, but they are all "nofollow." Good catch sir.
Ooo good point. I'll definitely update that soon. Thanks +Dan Petrovic for the catch!
I was about to email you this one +Jon Cooper, but I guess I can share it here. :-)

As for the BBB. The price is determined by state/region/city and by number of employees. The St. Louis BBB ranges from $370 for 1-3 employees all the way to $865+ for 100-200 employees. Anything over that and additional websites constitutes as additional charges.

That being said, you are SUPPOSED to get a "dofollow" link out of all of this. You need to check on your listing once it is published as each region has their own rules regarding their directory of businesses. There have been some instances where your businesses website URL in the directory listing was NOT a live link, only text. All you have to do is contact your BBB representative and ask for that to be changed.
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