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Just thought of a black hat strategy (obviously don't support doing this).

Take down your competitor's servers (goal is for them to be offline for 2-3 days), then reach out to those linking to them and let them know that they're linking to a broken site (ask for the links to be removed/updated). Then, when competitor is back up, they'll have lost the links that get taken down and it might take them a bit until they realize it (if they do, they still might not even get the links back)...

So bad, yet seemingly possible.
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That's horrible :)) Why even post it? However, I don't know how easy is to do it. Plus, it might be against some laws.
Awesome (but evil) idea +Jon Cooper! ! Here's a step-by-step guide of what I think can be done with your idea:

Stage 1:
- Research IP addresses
- Make it a "legit" cause of attack. (SOPA, PIPA, something that resonates)
- Make friends with script kiddies, crackers, and beginner to mid-level hackers
- Coordinate attacks so it can be continuous (it can stretch far beyond 3 days)
- Request DDoS Attack on servers

Stage 2:
- While Stage 1 is in the works, create and sharpen your "Broken Link" outreach emails, tweets, comments, and PM's.
- Compile email addresses of prospects in a spreadsheet (include here your outreach message) for fast and tidy work.
- At beginning of down time (based on coordination), blast your outreach in one day.
- Wait for 2 hours for responses
- Compile responses and re-blast your outreach.

Stage 3:
- Once all outreach targets have responded favorably (of course), compose your response email with your link.
- Blast your email (w/ link)
- Wait until next day for good (but evil) results.
- Watch as the linkjuice of your enemies (competitors) flow down like rivers of blood!
- Laugh evilly and maniacally (complete with coughing in the end)
- Dance for profit and your evil win!
And then see the competitor doing the same thing to you! Turn laughter into crying.
Start all over again.
Repeat till you get too old for this.
I'd definitely never do it, but fun to think about :)
Hah interesting idea. This should drop them from googles ranking pretty substantially. to think about would also be this: crack their admin password for the server, remove all content, remove all backup. Send email. Collect backlinks. Done.
Realistically, to do this you would...
1st do recon on the company.
-You figure out who the software vendors are.
-You go through their trash, see what kinda stuff they have been throwing out.
-Figure out info on their IT team. Maybe they outsource this to some other provider?
-Do recon on the actual network. Servers? Point of sale systems?
-Do some recon on their sites, login systems? security? firewalls? sql injection? google dorks?

2nd, you plan out an attack plan.
-If they're paying by the bandwidth, maybe DDOS is the way to go.
-If they're using windows systems through the company, with little security, maybe popping boxes, and compromising the internal networks is the way to go.
-If their sites vulnerable to attack, maybe purging their databases are the way to go.
-If they're outsourcing the site to someone else, maybe social engineering is the way to go.

3rd, you prepare EVERYTHING.
-Make sure you have every possible scenario planned out.
-Make sure you're anonymous.. Obvious reasons.
-Make sure you have your tools set up.
-Make sure you have some sort of email automation set up, so you can mass mail when the time hits.

4th, Attack.
-Do what you gotta do.

5th, Cover your tracks and clean up.
-Get rid of everything.
-Make sure google is re-indexing all the sites you mailed.(Theres a simple form for submitting sites to google. Just re-submit all of them, the google spiders would then get around to it.)

The problem with this though, is that it's corporate espionage, and really unethical. You'd likely be fucking with some other peoples lively hood. They are likely just people, just like you, and to do shit like this to them, is fucked up. I would strongly recommend NOT doing this. And if you don't know exactly what you're doing, your likely to get put in the slammer.
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