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Trying to install this via TWRP and just getting: Error ececuting updater binary in zip. I've tried both TWRP v2.8.5.0 and from the official dl source.

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+Al Wetherall you free on Saturday 22nd August to come to the Netrunner tournament I'm hosting in Chichester? Either way if you could pass it onto the other players in Bournemouth I'd really appreciate it!

I've made a swanky custom version of one of my deck boxes for first place prize as well.

I'm after some suggestions for 5 player filler games please. Playing a descent campaign and some nights we finish too early for the next map but with enough time for a filler or two.

Getting a bit bored playing Fluxx and Quirkle! Same goes for King of Tokyo / New York and the dice rolling in those can be a bit noisy. Already got Timeline(s) and Bohnanza as well.

We seem to be quite fussy when it comes to filler games come to think of it! Please list your suggestions of what you enjoy and others you've got your eye on to check out.

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So I've got some Star Wars Armada in stock now it has hit UK shores.

Question is, do I break out my airbrush and give them a new colour scheme? Anyone else planning on getting it and repainting theirs, or has anyone already repainted their X-Wing minis?
Star Wars Armada has finally flown it's way onto the webshop!

Fight out epic scale Star Wars battles using capital ships from both the Imperial and Empire. Finally Star Destroyers are here for your #tabletop  gaming enjoyment!

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+Jamie Darlow you seen this? Fancy giving it a go?

The Netrunner UK national tickets went on sale earlier and all 121 tickets sold out within 3 hours. The game is certainly getting more and more popular. I managed to grab a ticket, anyone else playing?

It's at the UK Games Expo so also shout if you're going to that but not playing Netrunner and perhaps we can get a game of something at some other time over the weekend.

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2014 Holiday Giveaway

I am pretty stoked to announce my 2014 Holiday Givaway and this year I have taken things up a few notches. Instead of just a few prizes from a  few partners/sponsors, am giving away 28 prizes this month totally over $4000. Essentially every week you have the chance to win a +Sony a6000 or a +Wacom Intuos Pro tablet or a +Formatt-Hitech  Landscape Photography Filter kit...and much more.

No barriers for entry. This is a global contest. For more info on how to win and what the rules are, click on the link below! Enjoy!


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As I studied German at secondary school I found this quite amusing!

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Thought I'd reshare this over here as well. I'm not as a big of fan of Smallworld as others but this sure does look nice! Especially that little Dragon. The mountains and fortresses look like they may be a little fiddly, looking forward to seeing more of this edition.
Picture of the upcoming designer / deluxe edition of  #SmallWorld . Looks great! pic via +The Dice Tower 
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