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Jon Boeckenstedt
I'm a Contrarian. Or maybe I'm not.
I'm a Contrarian. Or maybe I'm not.

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Undergraduate enrollments by ethnicity, 2015
I was doing some research for our own internal discussions, and decided to take it a few more steps to look at enrollment of undergraduate students by ethnicity at about 2,000 four-year, public and private institutions in the US.  (And when you look at the ...

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Is This Why Democrats Support Education Funding?
This post started off simply enough: I found some cool data on changes in educational attainment over time. I was going to take a look at how far we'd come as a nation in the last 40 years (even though I had already published this ), and show where the bigg...

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Some images from today's trek through the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve 

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Sunset at the Springbrook Prairie Preserve. Nikon D 5200. 20 mm at f3.5 1/50th 

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2016 Freshman Admissions Data
This always proves to be a popular post: The 2016 Admissions Data summary. Here you'll find ten views, showing test scores, admit rates, need data, and international student information (which should only be used as a guide, as you'll see.) Use the gray box...

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Welcome to the Hen House, Mr. Fox
Jerry Falwell, Jr., President of Liberty University, has just indicated that he will head a new task force to examine the Department of Education's policies on colleges and universities: Things like, " overreaching regulation” and micromanagement by the dep...

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What kind of jobs can I get if I major in English? (Lots) Do I have to major in science to go to medical school? (No) Do actors have to go to a Theater program? (No). All these sound like conventional wisdom, but now, thanks to my friends at Human Capital R...

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Could the Ivy League Universities stop the insanity in DC? Probably not. But it's nice to dream.

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NY City Public Schools, and what they might tell us about the SAT
Recently, I received a message from Akil Bello who pointed out a data visualization he had seen.  It was originally posted to Reddit , but later was edited to eliminate the red-green barrier that people with color-blindness face.  The story was here , using...

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The Outlook in Illinois
Much of what I post here is slightly modified from what I use at work, and this is no exception.  Here at DePaul (like most universities) the biggest single slice of enrollment comes from our own state, and it's important to know what's going to be happenin...
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