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Jon Boeckenstedt
I'm a Contrarian. Or maybe I'm not.
I'm a Contrarian. Or maybe I'm not.

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How Many Colleges are There in America?
Seems like an easy question: There are 7,284 post-secondary options in the US. But everyone has a different definition of what they want when they ask for a count of colleges.  This should give you some clearer sense of the right answer for you. At top left...

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What's All The Fuss About, Redux
My tireless crusade continues. Everywhere you look, it seems most of the discussion and ink spent on higher education focuses on the most selective institutions in America.  In addition, if you listen to parents and students and counselors talk, you'll lear...

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2016 IPEDS Admissions Data
Fresh from IPEDS, just months after the wrap up of the 2017 admissions cycle, comes the 2016 admissions data. I've done something a little different this year to focus your attention, using five views of data, navigable via the tabs across the top of the vi...

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Chasing the Endowment Unicorn
Higher education is struggling these days, and there are a lot of solutions from a lot of pundits, all of which tend to be macro in nature: Delivery, cost structures, optimization, curricular adaptations, and many other ideas abound. On the micro level., ho...

Downloaded the 7-31 nightly to install (clark for Moto X Pure Android 2015). Mistakenly downloaded the wrong version of Google Apps, but I thought as soon as I got the ROM installed, I'd just go out and get it and flash it.

But when the ROM installed, there was no web browser, no keyboard. I've used several other ROMs in the past (Cyanogenmod, Paranoid, etc.) and they always install with web and keyboard.

Anyone else have this problem, or is it just me? Or is this the way the package comes?

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Changes in College Attendance by State and Ethnicity, 2005-2015
Note: If you haven't read my post about the 2016 election results and educational attainment , it might be of interest to read that first.  Or later.  Or not at all. Your choice. This started simply enough: A couple of tables from the Digest of Education St...

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What Happens if Federal Money Goes Away?
Strategic planning at universities is always an important process, but it's even more crucial to do correctly these days.  And lots of institutions might be missing a really critical element in scanning the external environment: The extent to which federal ...

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The Discount Dilemma
"You should write something about discount rates." I hear that a lot these days.  Even though NACUBO does its annual discount study , people still want and crave more.  There is no topic, it seems, as much on the minds of people in universities as discount ...

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Undergraduate enrollments by ethnicity, 2015
I was doing some research for our own internal discussions, and decided to take it a few more steps to look at enrollment of undergraduate students by ethnicity at about 2,000 four-year, public and private institutions in the US.  (And when you look at the ...

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Is This Why Democrats Support Education Funding?
This post started off simply enough: I found some cool data on changes in educational attainment over time. I was going to take a look at how far we'd come as a nation in the last 40 years (even though I had already published this ), and show where the bigg...
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