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Jon Beres
Using Curiosity and Humor Every Day...
Using Curiosity and Humor Every Day...


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Everybody Loves Harlan

...lots of familiar faces in the cast for this last season

Ironic Note = Jeff Fahey had a short-lived show years ago where he played a modern-day U.S. Marshall 

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From the WOW Department

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Musical Lust

...Christmas will be here sooner than you think

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Not For the First Time

...This song reminds me of how thankful I am to live where I live and have the friends that I have...Happy Birthday America!

John Mellencamp and Kid Rock Pink Houses The Concert For New York City HD

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I Love This Show

...and NO, it's not a comedy
Sherlock Season Series 4

Three more episodes plus the probable Christmas Special.

#sherlock   #iamsherlocked  

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Just Thought This Looked Cool

2 More Episodes Left

By my count...

How's this locomotive gonna end?

(Non-Spoiler Alert - I have NO idea)

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2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

...I think I'm likin' every one of them

(don't hate me for Kiss - I love fireworks) :-)

Check 'em out -
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