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Jon Barry

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Back to medical school -anorectal disorders Ian Botterill, Dept Colorectal Surgery Leeds General Infirmary
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Jon Barry

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Hi Kim

Our sites were off? (Just Host - Blue Host copy)

Did get some extra "down reports" that I get now and again anyway.... (so the servers checking UpTime would have been adding to eh amount of data being handled..... and maybe rejected, so site live, but reporting denied..... perhaps

So a DDOS attack..... Ho Hum.....

After working in a hosting company, in a data centre... I know how little you can do - there is only so many requests your firewalls can process per second..... and when a DDOS happens.... they are designed to work at a higher rate than the firewalls can process - they know that.....

People get upset... fair enough.....

If your site was not doing Life Saving work, really, it is not a biggie - especially as news is spreading.... so people will know a big part of the web will get knocked off - again.

And things have happened in my life this week that means if the whole internet had disappeared for a whole week... it would pale into comparison with what I am dealing with.....

Thanks for the heads up, and I did not know I was with a company that was taken over by a company.....

That can be good.... at times too, and when they share resources, sometimes the costs reduce too.....

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Hi +Jon Barry So sad to note this. this happens often, I am surprised why they use that notification message like "This Account Has Been Suspended" when the problem is not from our side. Hope it will be fixed soon. Have a good day :-)
Philip V Ariel
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Jon Barry

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I have started to use this amazing service. Give it a try!
You want to increase user engagement across all your social networks, to publish on Google+ and to save a ton of time.
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Jon Barry

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The use of colors in marketing do have a purpose, and if you don't know what they are you could be hurting your efforts and your business.
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Jon Barry

commented on a video on YouTube.
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If you keep building these walls.....

Jon Barry

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What is the message?

Where did she get that table?

How big is that cup?

Check out the video, where none of these issues will be dealt with!
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Jon Barry

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Jon Barry

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 Honestly, I think negative opinions are so pervasive about network marketing that we can't see the gems within the industry, and there are many! What really gets me is all the stuff out there on t...
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Great post!
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