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As Facebook will tell you, tomorrow's my 29th birthday. I've got a pretty good life and no real wants/needs, so I'm hoping to help some others by donating my birthday week to +charity: water. If you're reading this, please check out the link & consider a small donation. Thank you! 

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A very exciting event and a big step forward for sharing the vision of #ConnectedLearning . You can watch live from 1:00-3:30pm ET on May 28 at
On May 28 from 1:00-3:30 pm ET, the U.S. Dept of Education and MacArthur Foundation will convene thought leaders for an action-oriented gathering on connected learning and reimagining American education. They will help explore how we can:
* Develop learning experiences that better connect in- and out-of-school learning
* Better connect all students to their passions, peers, communities and careers
* Redesign our nation’s high schools to prepare our students for a connected world

You can watch the event live online at and follow along via the Twitter hashtag #ReImagineEd. For more information, visit Everyone is encouraged to submit questions by using the Twitter hashtag #ReImagineEd and/or Tweeting @ReImagineEd.

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Pomona College, getting a Guy Kawasaki bump. Grrr.
The TOS of social-media sites should have a sign like this.

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Shout-out to +My Community Manager for hosting a series of Hangouts today for Community Manager Appreciation Day! #CMAD  

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What are your thoughts on the new single column layout in Facebook?  Do you think it looks like Google+? - Andrea

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LA Makerspace needs 3D Printers, a Laser Cutter, and Open Project Time for Members to Innovate. Can you help?
Here's the +LA Makerspace Kickstarter. We've been running it for 24 hours and only have $1524 to go until we reach our goal! Pretty awesome considering I think I have an ulcer after worrying about launching it for the past several weeks. Now we are setting our sights on reaching our stretch goals so we do super super awesome stuff in the space. Thanks to all of you that have backed us!

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G+ Hangouts expanding to 15 slots for Business/Gov/Education users!
Some exciting updates this week for Google Apps for Business/Gov/Education users of G+!  Starting this week, you’ll be able to invite up to 15 people to a hangout, compared to the previous 10-person limit. 

And finally more schools will be able to use Google+. Until now, Google+ has only been available to verified higher education institutions. Now, any school using Google Apps for Education can enable Google+ and access the same features that businesses and government can. 


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Barack Obama wins his second term as US President. What role did social media play in his reelection?

We examine the data from our 2012 US Election Tracker, and how it relates to the poll results:
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