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This episode is all about time management for parents. Mostly.

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Jon Armstrong

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+feastoffun In Logic Pro X, you select your audio (including across multiple tracks and then hit Control-Command-X. I don't know if the same key command works in Logic Pro 9. You could map a key command to "Delete and Move" if I recall correctly.
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Awesome! I'm gonna have to check this out. Thanks, Jon!
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Another from my New Orleans street musician photos taken at the beginning of Feb, 2014. Love her emotion! 

See the other ones here:

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Jon Armstrong

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I shoot landscapes for the excuse they give me to sit (or stand) and be still to inhale the scene. This one? Stellar.
This Photo Still Doesn't Look Real

Great shot by +Kim Seng. Simply amazing.

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Jon Armstrong

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Dad 2.0 Summit 2014
Thu, January 30, 6:00 PM CST
From my recent New Orleans conference trip...

Originally posted on Blurbomat:

  #neworleans   #NOLA   #musician   
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Jon Armstrong

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Ripple delete: this is super late, but I just found out about this a couple of months ago and didn't see your video until today: Use Control-Command X to delete and move. Works on selected track as well as multiple tracks. Major time saver. You might have to map the command. In the key commands window, it's under Various Windows. I just type "move" (or whatever I'm looking for) in the search box in the key commands window and boom. 

Thanks for sharing this video! Great tips!
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Latest episode of Turning This Car Around, "Rad Hair" is live! 

Hit the link for show notes! 

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Did a couple of very quick photowalks in New Orleans at the beginning of the month. It was cold most of the weekend, but the last few hours in town was about fog and rain. So when I pulled this shot up to edit it, I decided to play with the Nik Collection's 
Analog Pro, which is essentially a re-working of Snapseed for the Mac. Check it out here:

But if you've played with Google+ photo editing software, you've seen a web version of Snapseed that is amazing.

I like the plugin more than I thought I would. It all comes down to the control point technology. So fast to get where I want.

#statue   #benitojuárez   #NOLA   #neworleans  

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+Scott Jarvie I woke up in NOLA to this shot of yours: and this one from Instagram: but I couldn't see you because I was at a conference. Loving your posts from the road. 
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Shot this in 2012 in Manhattan. I believe this is in the village. Or Chelsea. Cheeky title not meant to upset anybody or their religious beliefs.


#statue #architecture

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Very good
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