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*UPDATED 08/04/2015*
Summer is fast approaching...

Here is a quick list of our up to date availability for #EdinburghFestivalFringe  2015. We are filling up fast so please get in touch if you require accommodation.

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Great customers give Great reviews! 

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NEWS: the UK has been gripped by double-dip of boredom… 

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Awesome view from one of our apartments tonight.


I am having a problem with my local google+ business page. We are a letting agency. We were fully verified up until a few days ago.. after an email to google help and a couple of calls we received an anonymous call (from google) posing as a customer and asking if they could come to the office to view some of our apartments... I informed the caller that there was no apartments to see at our office as such as we list them all on our website (as they well know) and the best thing to do was to email us and we would send them some options.. the caller replied "thank you for the information" then abruptly hung up.

1 hour later we receive an email from google+ telling us that our listing does not meet guidelines and therefor has been blocked.

We don't show our address on our listing.

We wish to be verified as "serving customer in a specific area" as per the following statement from google+ guidelines:

"Rental or for-sale properties, such as vacation homes or vacant apartments, are not eligible to be listed on Google Maps and should not be verified. Instead, verify the listing for your sales or leasing office"

Any ideas what to do or how to re verify our listing?

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LAST MINUTE #edinburghmarathon  APARTMENT!
Very stylish 2 Bedroom Apartment with 2 Bathrooms + Parking.
£400 for 2 nights.. AVAILABLE FROM TODAY.

Call me for details: 07795 634341


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Here are the last few Edinburgh Holiday Apartments available from innerCityLets for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014. Please share / +1. 

+Edinburgh Festival Fringe +Edinburgh Festivals 
#edfringe   #edinburghfestival   #Edinburghfestivalfringe  

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