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Reply hazy, try again

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I'm having one of those "the word is on the tip of my tongue" moments. 

It's a phrase used when something reaches it's maximum capacity, and the results are, or can be,  catastrophic. It's not meltdown. 

This is bugging the heck out of me. 

Conversations with my cat: 

Cat: Hey open that door
Me: No. That's the door to the garage.
Cat: But that door looks like freedom. 
Me: Well freedom is hot and smells like garbage. 

Longing for a world where rational minds prevail, I am...

Hiring a digital artist to create a banner. If anyone has a recommendation, please leave it in the comments.  

Artists, please feel free to contact me with pricing and your portfolio. 

<Something vague, yet insightful>

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Thank you for the birthday wishes G+! A gal only turns 29 a handful of times. 

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Good morning humans!

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Japanese Doritos.... 

Just got home from the movies. 

I have opinions about Iron Man 3. 

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Funny folks!

Do you have a homeless script? 
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