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+Leah Buechley talking about her work at the Media Lab
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Please don't comment until you've watched the video. ;-P
i done watched it Joi!

Maybe some high-tech minded fashion designers can weave Arduino-controlled radiation detectors into the fabric of our clothes here in Tokyo.
i think that's the first time someone has deleted a comment of mine from a post here on Google Plus. Didn't know that was even possible. ;)
It's the first time I've done it too. I've been going back and forth between posting stuff to public and getting a string of mostly irrelevant comments or posting them privately and not getting as much distribution. While I'm normally completely against censorship, I decided that deleting off-topic comments or comments that don't discuss the substance of the subject of the post are now fair game for deletion. Be warned!

Oh, and if I personally think an off-topic comment is funny, I might leave it. ;-)
Watching +Leah Buechley present the philosophy and implementation of hi-tech/low-tech, I couldn't help but think of people with intellectual disabilities. In fact, as I watched the video part of me keep expecting to see an implementation involving someone with autism & sensory processing challenges. This is my passion. Why don't we work toward bringing builders like myself to MIT Media Lab for Hacking Autism. We could collaborate with +Phil McKinney and others who have a passion for Hacking Autism. The opportunity to to take your academic and commercial developments, and apply them to doing good for those with intellectual disabilities - priceless. Think about it - there is a world of good to be done using your inventions to help those with disabilities overcome their human limits.
Leah is a uniquely creative user of technology. I am always fascinated by the work that she and her team are doing.