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How is your compost heap going? It’s cold, it’s winter and the last thing you want to be doing is turning over your compost heap but now is the time to be getting it ready for spring.

If you don’t then when the warmer days arrive you will have nothing to add to your garden so man-up, grab your favourite garden fork and march out there get to work on preparing your compost for spring.
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Winter is the perfect time to clean up your garden. The plants are asleep and so are the nasty bitey things that lurk in the garden so what are you waiting for?

Yes, I know, spare time to do the cleanup is always in short supply no matter what time of year it is so why not give me a call. My team can come in, clean up your yard and remove all the rubbish in no time at all … and our rates are very affordable.

You will find more details here:
Perth Garden Bond Clean Ups provides garden clean ups, garden maintenance, garden bond cleans for domestic and commercial properties
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Too cold and miserable to do any gardening this weekend?

Why not find the location of your nearest recycling store and take a trip to it. You never know what you might find there that will be the perfect decoration for your garden.
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Want to layout and build some pathways in your garden this winter?

Of course you could use concrete but if you want something that's more attractive than concrete why not use some small wood chips instead? Mix in some rough garden mulch and compact it and the result will almost certainly look a lot better than concrete.
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Are you a digger or a spreader?

Do you like to dig your compost into the garden bed or do you prefer just to spread it around on the surface.

I was always a confirmed digger but just recently I've been reading about people who have got good results just by spreading the compost right on the surface.

Anything that means less work is worth trying but I would be careful and not spread the compost right up to the base of plants and shrubs. Perhaps going no further than the drip line for each plant might be the best idea.
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Looking for something unusual for your garden, something with vibrant colours that will really catch your eye?

Bromeliads just might be what you are looking for … even if you live in a rather dry part of the country. They require a modest amount of watering, some well-drained soil and just a little fertilizer … does that sound almost too good to be true?

Well it is true and you can learn more about them … and even buy some by online … at: and
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Bottlebrushes are eye-catching when they’re in bloom and they attract all the right native birds but they don’t grow well in the soil around Perth. In fact, the sandy soil we have here is almost the exact opposite of the damp and even swampy soil that bottlebrushes like.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t grow them here but you will have to look after them and watch for any sign that they are under stress. Make sure that there is nothing around the base of the plant … or within the dripline … that might be competing with the bottlebrush for the moisture in the soil and keep that area well-watered.

If you start seeing a black sooty mould on the bark of the shrub, then it’s a sure sign that the bottlebrush is struggling and it’s time to talk to your local garden centre.
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Got a big expanse of plain colourbond fencing that you would like to cover up without going to a lot of expense or effort?

Head down to Bunnings or even your local recycling centre and find some metal mesh … one or two long sheets are better than a bunch of shorter ones if you can transport them. Also head over to your favourite garden centre and pick up some climbing roses … one or two for every 2 metres of fence that you want to cover.

You can buy all the same colour but that could look a little boring too. I would suggest that you buy a couple of complimentary colours and a big plastic pot for each plant.

Once you get home attach the mesh to the colourbond and then plant the climbing roses in the big pots and space them evenly along the fence.

As the climbing roses grow train them up into the mesh and before too long the colourbond fence will be hidden by some beautiful climbing roses.
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Roses ... how are your roses looking right about now? Are they a bit straggly in looking like they need a good prune?

If they do look like that then DON'T DO IT - RESIST THE TEMPTATION. In warmer climates wait till early to mid July ... in colder climates wait till early August ... and if you live somewhere in between then wait till somewhere in the middle of those two times.

Prune too early and you'll get a lot of spindly growth and a lot of leaves but not many blooms.
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Do you live near the sea?

Have you ever thought of adding seaweed to your compost heap or compost bin?

You should not only think of adding it but actually doing it because it will definitely add some important nutrients that your garden will love.
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Composting ... so much goodness but it takes so long ... or does it.

Most gardeners have a compost heap that is divided into sections with each section at a different stage of development.

Bringing one section from start to being ready to add to the garden can take 3 to 4 months but does it have to be that long?

Some research here in Australia, back in the early 1980s, found that it was possible to produce enough compost for a garden in just six weeks.
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Looking for some vegies to plant in April?

Beetroot, silverbeet and peas if you live in Perth. Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, cauliflowers and spring onions are good to plant just about anywhere during April.
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