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As Autumn sets in your garden and lawn will start to go to sleep and that’s the perfect time to get out and do some tidying up but do you have time? Wouldn’t you rather be spending time watching footie or down at the Botanic Gardens in King Park admiring the autumn colours?

If you live in Perth and don’t have the time to spend tidying up your garden and lawn then give me a call on 02409 701 251 or visit my website at and contact me via the contact form to arrange an obligation free quote on doing all that gardening that you don’t have time to do.

My prices are very affordable.

How is your compost heap going? I’m sure that you’ve used quite a bit of it in preparing your veggie garden for the winter crops so be sure to start building it up again … you can never have too much compost.

If you do have some left over from those winter veggie plantings … or if you have worked out a cycle that means you have compost all year round … don’t forget to turn those maturing parts over from time to time and don’t forget to add water either.

Put a small amount of almost ready compost in a bucket, add some water, and leave it sit for a week or two and you’ll have some great liquid fertilizer to add your pot plants too.

In normal times the weekend just gone is probably the best time to plant out your winter veggies. The weather us usually getting a little cooler and, because they grow during the cooler months, the more time you can give them grow the better.

But of course it’s rather hot here in Perth at the moment and it’s likely to stay that way for a few weeks yet and planting winter veggies in this heat seems like a rather dumb thing to do but …

Don’t forget that they need a longer growing time so don’t leave it too late to plant them. If you keep the water up to them I’m sure that they will be able to deal with the heat.

Well we’re just about at the end of summer and that means that you should start thinking about your winter vegetable garden … and getting your compost heap ready to provide some nourishment for your garden.

You do have a compost heap don’t you? It’s not hard to start and it’s a great way to recycle your household waste and turn it into something that your plants will love.

Thinking of adding some shade to your garden by planting some trees? You can often pick up small saplings quite cheaply and the temptation is always there to plant a few for some extra shade but …

Before you rush in to buy those cheap saplings just check to see how tall those spindly saplings will actually grow and make sure that you don’t plant them too close to the house.

A tree that looks beautiful from the street and gives you plenty of shade can be totally destroying the foundations of your house.

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Last week I talked about how good it is for your garden to get plenty of rain water rather than tap water but, as I said, it does make your lawn go crazy.

Of course it also brings on the weeds too and if you’re garden and lawn are out of control … and you live in Perth … then give me a call. My team can turn your mess into a nicely cut lawn and weed-free garden … and my rates are very reasonable.

You can call me on 0409 701 251 or you can use the contact form on my website at

This is a week when we’re going to see some rain for most of the week and that’s great news if you’re a gardener.

Yes, I know, the rain keeps you out of the garden and, if it’s followed by some warm weather your lawn is going to go crazy, but rain is far better for your garden than tap water.

So be happy that it’s raining and don’t rush out to wash that goodness out of your soil when the rain stops.

Ok so I have a bit of a fixation about watering but it’s often something that we don’t think about in the summer and we only remember it when the plants begin to droop.

That’s a warning sign for your plants but what about your trees and shrubs. They need water too and they don’t always send the same signals as your plants do so when you’re out in the garden waving your hose around don’t forget to give your trees and bigger shrubs plenty of water too.

And don’t just water at the base of the trunks … your trees have root systems that stretch way beyond their trunks and your shrubs will love you if you water all around what’s known as the drip line.

The drip line is the area as far out from the trunk that gets wet when water runs off the leaves of the shrub or tree. Watering in that area will get far more moisture to your trees and bushes than if you just water around the trunk.

Last week we talked about irrigation systems and these systems are ideal when you’re thinking about what I want to talk about this week.

It’s summer and that means that the weather is HOT … and not in a good way … so be sure to keep the water up to your lawns and gardens but don’t water at the wrong time.

The wrong time is any time that will leave water droplets on the grass or leaves of your plants when the Sun is shining on them. Those water droplets act as magnifiers for the Sun’s rays and that will damage your lawn and plants.

Add a timer to an irrigation system and set it to run at times when the water and sun combination won’t damage the plants and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Water at the right time and your garden will love you … water at the wrong time and your efforts will do more harm than good.

So you’re planning a new garden bed? Start with the very basics … a simple irrigation system that keep your garden watered even when you can’t.

You can find irrigation kits and all the extra bits you need at your local nursery or Bunnings store and the cost is very affordable. These simple systems can be expanded as your garden expands and they can be easily upgraded or changed as you change plants or shrubs.

Putting the irrigation system in before you start adding plants means that you won’t have to disturb the plants later.

If you loved playing with Lego when you were younger you’ll love building your own irrigation systems.

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