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Worm Farms

For less than $100 at Bunnings you can have a life-time supply of liquid fertiliser and you can recycle a lot of your kitchen scraps and coffee grounds too.

If you're serious about your garden you need a worm farm.
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Do you really know what you're doing?

That's a question I asked my friends over on Facebook yesterday and it's worth repeating here.

Gardening looks so easy ... a lot of manual work but it looks so easy that anyone can do it ... right?

Well some of what you do when you garden is easy ... so easy that anyone can do it ... but there are other aspects of gardening that are not so easy.

So don't be in a mad rush to jump in and do something in the garden if you're really sure of what you're doing.

Instead, spend a little time doing some research online ... or hire a professional to do the job for you because sometimes you can do things in the garden that can't be undone ... no matter how much you wish that they could.
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Lawn - there's a lot to be said for it!

Have you ever stopped to think of all the good things that your lawn does for you?

Yes I know that it's a pain to mow and it always needs mowing just at the time you would rather be watching the cricket or going to the beach but your lawn is really your friend.

Not only does it consume carbon dioxide but it also helps to keep the air around you just a little cooler in summer.

Just look at those people who are ripping out their lawns and replacing them with pebbles, concrete or paving and feel sorry for them.

Sure, they're never going to have to mow again but in summer all that stone, concrete or paving is going to get very hot ... and stay hot well into the evening ... and that's going to make conditions inside the house that much more uncomfortable.

So think carefully before you make any rash decisions to get rid of your friend ... your lawn.
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RIP Jock Hobbs
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Working Around the Climate

Earlier this week ... over on my Facebook page ... I talked about the need to work with the climate rather than fighting it as we work on and in our gardens but sometimes ... just sometimes we can work around the climate if we think outside the box.

If you ever visit Hobart be sure to spend some time at the Botanical Gardens there. Not only are they a great place to wander through but they have the perfect example there of working around the climate.

It doesn't look like much ... in fact it looks just like an ordinary brick wall ... but it's very special. Back in the 1800s the authorities in Hobart decided that if they used their brain they could grow important summer plants right through the harsh Hobart winters.

So they built this brick wall ... they made sure that it faced the east to get all the sun it could ... and they added what you could call 'fire places' to the west side of the wall and had flues built into the wall to carry the hot air from the fires through the length and breadth of the wall and so heated the bricks and created a mini-climate around the wall.

The result was that they could grow plants against the east side of the wall during winter ... a time when these plants would normally have died off.

Think outside the box and you too might come up with a way to work around the climate rather than fighting it.
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Tis the season for bare-rooted roses

If you haven't tried planting bare-rooted roses because you thought that they were all too hard to get to brow then I have to tell you that planting them and getting them to grow is really easy!

It's also a very cheap way of adding some beautiful colour and scent to your garden.

You can pick bare-rooted roses up at your local garden centre ... hardware store ... and even your local supermarket. Just follow the instructions on the packet and you can't go wrong.

Once they're in the ground be patient for a few weeks and then you will begin to notice the first shoots of new growth appearing.
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I have Planted Bare rooted roses and fruit trees found them to get flowers and fruit earlier that the potted ones love your page John  
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Developing a garden takes time.

Sometimes I think that the gardening programmes that you see on TV can be a little misleading.

They come in with a team of people to do the work but you usually one see the presenter doing anything ... all the other work ... the time-consuming work is done with the cdamera switched off.

And that can lead to quite a few people to think that establishing a garden takes no time at all when in fact the opposite is true.

Establishing a garden with plants that you can afford takes time and a lot of energy ... but the result can be worth every second of the work you put into it.
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Gardening Tools

Every gardener needs tools to do everything from turning over a garden bed to sweeping up leaves from the footpath and a wander through the gardening section of a hardware store will reveal just how many gardening tools are available.

Not only is there a huge range to choose from but there's a wide range of prices too.

For most people there's going to be a temptation to buy cheap tools but that's false economy ... especially if it's a tool that you're going to use over and over again. It makes more sense to buy tools that will last ... even if they are a little more expensive.

The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is definitely true when it comes to gardening tools.
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In case you were wondering officially it was 41 degrees here in Perth yesterday.

I sure hope that if you're new to Western Australia the temps yesterday and earlier in the week didn't catch you off-guard

Yes it is officially Autumn but we can still get some scorchingly hot days at this time of year and you need to plan your gardening accordingly.

About all you can do in weather like this is to keep plenty of water up to your plants, make sure there's plenty of mulch to protect the surface roots and wait until things begin to cool down before you start preparing your gardens for winter and next spring.

Fortunately for us the temperatures will begin to cool down during this coming week but we will still be seeing temps in the low 30's next weekend.
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Time to think about bulbs

It's autumn ... even though it doesn't really feel like it ... and that means that now is the time to start thinking of planting bulbs for a great display of colour next spring.

If you haven't planted bulbs before then don't make the mistake of just grabbing a few packets or handfuls and putting them in just anywhere.

There are many varieties that can handle just about any location from full sun to partly shaded ... and many will even do well in pots.

But not all bulbs are that tolerant of where you plant them so before you head for the nursery make sure that you know what the conditions are like where you want to plant them and then when you get to the nursery check to make sure that the bulbs you're buying will tolerate the conditions where you intend to plant them.

Choose carefully for the conditions, plant according to instructions and come spring you'll have a great display of exciting colours splashed across your garden.
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