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Looking for something unusual for your garden, something with vibrant colours that will really catch your eye?

Bromeliads just might be what you are looking for … even if you live in a rather dry part of the country. They require a modest amount of watering, some well-drained soil and just a little fertilizer … does that sound almost too good to be true?

Well it is true and you can learn more about them … and even buy some by online … at: and
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Looking for some equipment bargains?

I’ve seen some good specials just recently on some power tools that will make gardening a little easier for you. Prices for blowers and trimmers are always good at Bunnings but some of the manufacturers like Husqvarna have been running some great specials too.

Wouldn’t a blower make cleaning up those dead leaves so much easier?
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No room for a garden? No room for pots? You can still grow herbs and vegies in a bottle :)
Republished with permission from If you love fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs but don’t want to always drive to the grocery store to get them, consider container gardening. It is a rapidly expanding movement with the rising cost of food and people becoming more conscious of what they are eating. You now see apartment... View Article
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Thinking of building a deck on the back of your house?

Here in Australia there are rules about decks that you need to know and understand so check with your local council. 
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So here we are just 11 days away from the first day of Autumn - have you made your plans for your Autumn garden? Have you got your compost bin / heap ready to use in preparing your garden?

There is no time to waste.
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Here in Perth we're about to start what forecasters suggest will be a week of heatwave conditions. That means that your gardens are going to suffer and are going to need plenty of watering.

Just remember that when you water can be more important than how much water you give your plants.

The best time to water is in the late afternoon or evenings - don't water in the middle of the day because the water on the leaves will magnify the sun's rays and that will damage the plants.
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Looking for some vegies to plant in April?

Beetroot, silverbeet and peas if you live in Perth. Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, cauliflowers and spring onions are good to plant just about anywhere during April.
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Your lawn needs air!

Hard to believe isn't it? Your lawn lives outdoors in the fresh air and yet it needs air? Yes it does!

The soil under your grass becomes compacted over time and the more compacted it becomes the harder it is for your lawn to grow. 

The cooler months are good opportunity to aerate your lawn and, while you can buy or hire mechanical tools that will do the job, you can also do it with something as simple as a garden fork.

All you have to do is work your way up and down the lawn pushing the fork deep into the soil every 30cm or so. Spend a little time doing that and your lawn will love you.
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The weather this Easter weekend is definitely not looking good so if it's raining when you want to be out in the garden do the next best thing and check out my website at:

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Last week I mentioned that the height of your deck above the ground was an important consideration ... now let's think about your front fence.

If you're thinking of building a new front fence ... one that will give you increased privacy ... the height is important too.

If you build it without checking with council they may order you to pull it down ... especially if you live on a street corner and fence obstructs the view of approaching traffic.

A quick call to your local council can save you lots of time and money.
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We're in the last days of summer ... officially ... and that means that your roses will soon be producing their second round of flowers for the year.

A quick light prune now will make your rose bushes look a lot more presentable.
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And the hot weather continues here in Perth.

If you must be out in the garden or need to mow your lawn then start very early  and be inside where it's cool by 10am at the latest. You can always go out later in the evening too ... from around 5 or 5.30.

Just don't try working in your garden in the middle of the day when the temps are getting up above 33 or 34.
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