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December is a good time to give your garden a light prune.

Don't go too hard because a hard prune combined with the heat can really damage your plants but a light trim won't hurt and will make your garden look a bit more tidy.
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Watering your garden on hot days

Here in Perth right now we are having some terribly hot days and your garden will need plenty of water but ...

Don't go out to water it in the mid morning to late afternoon period. Watering your plants at the hottest time of the day will do far more harm than good. 

The best time to water your garden is later afternoon, during the evening and night and very early in the morning.
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Have you lost a very special pet?

A dog who has been my constant companion for years passed away last night so I understand how you feel.

If you have lost a special pet then why not remember him or her in part of your garden. A simple plaque on a tree in a part of the garden that was special to them.

Place a bench or a garden chair in some shade nearby and you can sit and be constantly reminded of all the great times you had with them.
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Garden edges ... they can be a pain and if you don't get them right they can add extra work.

But there's an interesting product that you can pick up at Bunnings called Tuff Edge that looks as though it could give you a nice flush edge between your garden and your lawn.

It comes with straight or curved edges and you can have the edge raised above your lawn if that's what you want. The only problem is that it comes in just one colour ... aluminium ... so visually blending it might be difficult
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The weather forecast for the coming weekend here in Perth isn't promising if you want to get out and get some work done in the garden.

Showers on Friday and Saturday might keep you out of the garden but don't stress because some rain at the start of the growing season is good news for your garden.

The showers should be gone by Sunday morning so you will still be able to fit some gardening into your weekend.
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Planting tomatoes this year?

Plant them with their friends and you might get a better crop.

It has long been known that some plants like being with other types of plants and can't stand being near plants that they're not happy with.

If you want a good crop of tomatoes this year don't plant them near corn, fennel or potato.
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I want to do better every day.

In 2010 when I lost my good friend to cancer I wanted to show the world that I could do better. She had encouraged me to start my lawn mowing business and I was working hard at growing it to something bigger.

Back then I went out to jobs on my pushbike and towed a little trailer that contained my lawnmower and other tools and the business grew.
One day in 2013 I decided that I wanted to chase my dream even more so I raced home on my bike and started calling people who I thought could help me.

Some people tried to talk me out of my new plans … they said that it would be too much of a headache but others quietly encouraged me and I went out and bought a ute and trailer. It didn’t take long for me to realise that the trailer was just too small so I bought a bigger one.

It wasn’t long before my business began to grow into areas that I had never thought possible. Real Estate agents began calling me to do work for their property owners and then bigger businesses began calling me.

I even found that I was doing work for famous people. I had been mowing one guy’s lawn for months and when I finally got to meet him I discovered that I had been working for one of the stars of the West Coast Eagles.

Another regular customer turned out to be one of the band members of Birds of Tokyo. When I first started my little business I never dreamed that I would be working for such well-known people but they like my work and they keep on calling me.

Now I know, just like the Wallabies are showing at the Rugby World Cup, your dreams can come true … mine certainly are … and I haven’t stopped dreaming yet.

Tomorrow is another day … another day that I want to do better … and I will!
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Thinking of growing a lemon tree?

Any type of citrus can add an incredible scent to your garden and lemon trees are easy to grow ... even here in Perth where 'Eureka' seems to be the lemon tree of choice.

But it is certainly not the right choice if you want to grow your citrus in pots so talk to your nursery for advice on the best type of lemon to suit your situation.

If you are here in Perth and you are thinking about planting a lemon tree then you need to make your mind up quickly because the window for planting any citrus tree before it becomes too hot for a new plant to survive is closing fast and I would put this weekend as the absolute deadline.
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Recycling potting mix?

Ah ... no.

Potting mix ... no matter how high a quality mix it was ... should never be re-used because there are no nutrients left to feed any new plants you might put into a pot of used potting mix.

You can dig it into your garden although it adds nothing but bulk. You can use it to fill potholes in your driveway or just wrap it up in newspaper and drop it in the garbage bin.

That really is all that it's good for.
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When to plant?

When do you plant things in your garden ... before or after rain?

I know that farmers will often plant crops after rain but I also know of some farmers who like to do other plantings  ... such as large numbers of tree seedlings ... just before it rains.

I'm not sure what advantage that would give the plants but those guys obviously feel that there is some advantage in doing it that way.
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A mobile garden?

We are beginning to live a more mobile existence as more and more people move house on an almost regular basis but we still seem to think of gardens as being fixed. Once a plant or a pot is in place we tend to leave it there.

But what if we brought mobility to the garden? Obviously moving plants that we have planted in the garden is not so easy but what about plants in pots?

For example, could we have tomatoes all year round if we planted them in pots so that we could move them to more sheltered and warmer spots in the colder months?

A friend of mine has been harvesting tomatoes from the one potted plant for over a year now simply because, in winter, he moved it to a sheltered spot against a large brick wall. 

In winter it’s against a brick wall that gives of plenty of warmth and in summer it’s moved to a more open spot so the heat from the wall doesn’t kill it.

The quality of the fruit seems to be the same and moving the plant takes minimal effort so why not try it?
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