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Mindfulness Improves Health

In the past few years there has been an explosion in the amount of scientific research and evidence demonstrating the many benefits to training one's mind through meditation and mindfulness.

"Mindfulness is incredibly simple, but can have great benefits for your mental, physical, and emotional health."

This increase in research and evidence has been followed by a corresponding increase in the number of articles in the media, and of course people looking for guidance or lessons to begin their own meditation practice. Although getting started with a class or local meditation group is valuable and provides you with an opportunity to meet and learn from other meditators, all it takes is 15-30 minutes a day, in a quite place, where you can simply sit and calm your mind. What have you got to lose but anxiety, stress and emotional reactivity! 

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” ~Lao Tzu

“Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.” ~Sylvia Boorstein

“The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn

“Suffering usually relates to wanting things to be different than they are.” ~Allan Lokos

“Do every act of your life as though it were the last act of your life.” ~Marcus Aurelius

“Mindfulness is simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different; enjoying the pleasant without holding on when it changes (which it will); being with the unpleasant without fearing it will always be this way (which it won’t).” ~James Baraz

“Always hold fast to the present. Every situation,indeed every moment,is of infinite value,for it is the representative of a whole eternity.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

#meditation   #mindfulness   #spirituality   #transpersonal   #transpersonalpsychology   #consciousness  
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Johnny Stork

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Eagle Spirit

Yesterday would seem to be, once again, another auspicious day. Ever since getting "terminated without cause" from my previous employer of 2.5 years last week - for reasons which will become public through an Employment Standards Office claim should the severance pay negotiations not go fairly or respectfully - I have been getting all sorts of encouragement from the universe (and friends). Last night while sitting on the beautifully serene porch at my girlfriend's, we were visited - blessed actually if you see the world through sacred eyes - by three Eagles which circled directly over us. 

As a Shamanistic Practitioner in training, I can only interpret this as another sign from the universe. In fact, I have been visited by power animals my entire life, but lately it would seem even more so. So today, one week after having been canned;

(1) I affirm my certainty of the future as well as the ongoing and spiritually motivated evolution and ascension of the human known as the Jolly Mystic Dude.

(2) I affirm my heart-and-soul driven aspirations to bring the knowledge and joy of a spiritually inspired life to other's.

(3) I affirm my love for the spiritual warrior princess goddess in my life, known as Red Crow Woman.

(4) I affirm my commitment to manifesting, encouraging and building a romantic, joyful, cheerful, cooperative, intimate and deeply spiritual and tantric relationship with Jaqueline.

If Eagle Crosses your Path

"There's an opportunity for you that you’re considering, and it would be best if you take advantage of it soon."

"There will be a new beginning in a positive direction following a recent period of strife, one in which you've gained a great deal of stamina and resilience."

"Detach and rise above the mundane so that you’re able to see your life and circumstances with a broader perspective and greater vision."

"It's a time for a great spiritual awakening, one where you experience a greater connection to the divine."

"This is an important time to get creative inspiration from the divine, so heed any guidance you receive." 

"Whatever you put out, positive or negative, will now return to you in some form, more quickly than ever." (Steven Farmer - Animal Spirit Guides)

#shamanism   #spiritguides   #poweranimal   #transpersonal   #transpersonalpsychology   #spirituality  
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Johnny Stork

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Absolutely Beautiful!!

If you gauge the world and the people in it only by what you see on television or in the news, you might come away jaded, depressed and believing the world is filled with terrible people. This would be an inaccurate perception of the world since it is actually filled with far more love, beauty, compassion and self-less kindness than there will ever be the opposite - you just need to know where to look, starting within yourself. 

When you find that joy, that inner spark of awe and gratitude inside yourself, every place, any place, is the right place to be. And when you share that inner spark with and for someone you love - like this young man did for his mother - then something of immense beauty is borne which outshines the glow of any one shining spirit alone. Such is the nature of love and compassion.

#love   #gratitude   #joyful   #positivepsychology  
Alex Norgay from Norway spent a year secretly making a video showing off his beautiful mom in the hopes she would finding a romantic partner.  In the final edited version you also see his mom's reaction when she saw the video for the first time and it is so moving.  Ever since the video was published in May 10th 2015, it has struck a chord with people, and it has gotten almost 3 million views on YouTube.  Alex's mom has since receive...
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"MATURITY is the ability to live fully and equally in multiple contexts; most especially, the ability, despite our grief and losses, to courageously inhabit the past the present and the future all at once. The wisdom that comes from maturity is recognized through a disciplined refusal to choose between or isolate three powerful dynamics that form human identity: what has happened, what is happening now and what is about to occur." (David Whyte)

"Immaturity is shown by making false choices: living only in the past, or only in the present, or only in the future, or even, living only two out of the three." (David Whyte)

"Maturity is not a static arrived platform, where life is viewed from a calm, untouched oasis of wisdom, but a living elemental frontier between what has happened, what is happening now and the consequences of that past and present; first imagined and then lived into the waiting future." (David Whyte)

"Maturity calls us to risk ourselves as much as immaturity, but for a bigger picture, a larger horizon; for a powerfully generous outward incarnation of our inward qualities and not for gains that make us smaller, even in the winning." (David Whyte)

#maturity   #psychology  
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Johnny Stork

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When Do Off-Work Comments Cross the Line

This is a very important and ethically complex issue. How far can an employer go when it comes to conduct, or statements, said by employees outside of work hours? As far as I can tell, the two main issues around "rights" involve (at least):

(1) Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 2):

2(b) Freedom of Expression

Everyone has the following freedoms:

b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression, including freedom of the press and other media communication

The s. 2(b) protection of freedom of expression protects everyone's right to hold any opinion or belief and to express those beliefs, through their words, actions or any other means of expression so long as the expression is not violent in form or in content. An assault on another person would not be defendable as an expression deserving protection. However any non-violent expression is deserving of protection under s.2(b). Infringement of this right is frequently justified under s.1 to protect the safety of others, or to promote and maintain an orderly society.

(2) A Company's Right to Employee Persons They Choose

I don't think anyone would argue for the right of any business owner to hire/fire who they like, so long as they are not violating any laws.


In this case, I think that it could be reasonably argued that since Infringement of this right is frequently justified under s.1 to protect the safety of others, or to promote and maintain an orderly society, such clearly offensive and sexist comments like “f— her right in the p—-.” Referred to online as FHRITP" are not conducive to promoting an orderly society.

What do you think?

#canadiancharter   #canadiancharterofrightsandfreedoms   #ethics  
'We couldn’t condone that kind of behaviour,' CEO Carmine Marcello said of the employee fired after his comments at a Toronto FC soccer match went viral
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Social Media Marketing
The Four Ms of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master | #SocialMedia
Social-media marketing used to be a two-step process: write and post. But today it has evolved into something that sometimes looks more like a NASA mission-cont
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Johnny Stork

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Authentic Sexuality

Sexual dysfunction, anxiety, resentment or even just dissatisfaction or unmet sexual needs can create significant problems in a relationship which go well beyond the bedroom. In fact, sex (and money) are the two greatest causes of divorce in North America so your odds of having a successful long term marriage or relationship go up significantly if the sex is respectful, authentic and mutually enjoyable.

"Getting honest about our sexual desires can be a struggle, even in a supportive environment. To become sexually whole, it is important to learn and practice techniques to consciously engage and embrace your authentic desires, and share them honestly in a healthy, fulfilling, consensual manner." (Galen Fous)

However, society doesn't help us out very much when it comes to how sexuality and intimacy is represented. With all the socially, culturally and religiously derived taboos or even what is portrayed in the media and television, it is easy to see why many couples (or individuals) develop unhealthy or inauthentic means of sexual expression. 

"It is a tragedy that many couples avoidance of honestly discussing their sexual yearnings, prevented them from discovering the depths of sexual intimacy they might have shared if they were not so afraid of revealing their desires to their partners." (Galen Fous)

From my own personal experiences (and some education on the topic), I have found that two factors contribute to setting a foundation for a fabulous, open and mutually enjoyable sex life:

1 (Trust): This is the big one. if you don't have complete trust in each other, then the second important factor which contributes to a healthy sex life will not be possible. If there are trust issues in a relationship, then NOTHING else matters and so if you are unable to resolve this on your own, marriage counselling may be your best bet.

2 (Honesty/Authenticity): When you can feel safe and fully trust your partner with the deepest aspects of your sexual experiences and desires, then a whole world of sexual exploration and intimacy opens up to both of you. This honesty may also include sharing details of unpleasant or painful sexual encounters in the past which may still be impacting your relationship with your own sexuality.

If you are looking for more expert advice on sexuality than my own personal opinion, look no further than +Galen Fous who has been counselling couples on their fetish and non-fetish sexual challenges for over 15 years. Galen offers a wealth of valuable advice and basic tips on how to welcome your sex creature. Check out Galen's recent article below for 5 keys to being sexually free, conscious and empowered.

"But whatever path is right for you, I want to encourage you to raise your authentic sexuality out of the shadows to its rightful place alongside of your intellect, emotion, creativity and spirit as an integral aspect of your personality." (Galen Fous)

#sexuality   #fetish   #sexlife   #healthysex  
5 keys to being sexually free, conscious and empowered. Being sexually authentic is your birthright. Sharing your deepest sexual truths with a trusted partner is one of the most loving, liberating, intimate and ecstatic of human experiences. Many men and women hide authentic aspects of their sexual desire…for good reason! Sex-negative social and political groups, family, religions and even our relationships often prohibit us from revealing or dis...
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Yay, another Galen!
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Stop What You're Doing! - Gratitude is the Attitude!

Ok, you don't really have to stop everything your doing right now, but if you consider this just for a moment, maybe give the suggestions made by the author of this article a try, you might just have a better day, if you are not already having the most wonderful day possible.

Take out a piece of paper and write down 5 things that you are grateful for. Consider starting each sentence or phrase with "I'm glad I'm...", "I'm grateful for..." or "I am fortunate because..." and put it on the door of your fridge, or any place where you will see it every morning. If you read that list, remind yourself each day of the things that you are grateful for, the blessings in your life, you can shift your attitude to such a degree it can become a permanent way of thinking.

This great article by +Steve Taylor makes a simple, and valid point. Without really intending to, we often "...switch off to the value of the good things in our lives. We often fail to appreciate the full value of our health, of the people we love, of our peace, freedom and prosperity, and the very fact that we are alive at all." (Steve Taylor).
Yet, science has shown that "...gratitude is the most essential and powerful constituent of well-being, since it involves a whole shift of attitude and perspective." (Steve Taylor)

Not all people are happy. ALL grateful people are happy so gratitude is the attitude.

#gratitude   #happiness   #joyful   #positivepsychology  
Steve Taylor, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, UK. He is the author of Back to Sanity
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Although the place may not have looked quite as spectacular as the outdoor fireplace in the photo below (not far from it), last night was without a doubt the most romantic evening I have ever experienced in my life. Incense burning, a dozen or so candles lit, an outdoor garden waterfall, meditative music of Ashana playing and snuggled up behind a warrior princess goddess as we sat on a large meditation pillow beside a crackling fire. And of course a beautiful doing next to the fire beside us.

We sat there for what must have been 3 or more hours occasionally breaking the sublime silence with expressions of gratitude, love, humor or to briefly share in a discussion about some spiritual topic. All the while gently caressing each other’s hands, face, shoulders or any part of each other’s body that was within reach. Time stood still, every second was bathed in a warm glow of intimate and romantic sensual gestures. A sublime and deeply romantic evening like no other…..

“If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.” ~ William Blake

“Love... it surrounds every being and extends slowly to embrace all that shall be.” ~ Khalil Gibran

“When in love, body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist. Become this, fall in love, and you will not be separated again.” ~ Rumi

#romance   #love   #gratitude   #bliss   #happiness  
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Thanks kindly +Tery Higgins, +Lon W. and +La Jarita. It sure has been an incredible ride these past few months. It's just amazing what the universe can send you sometimes. :)
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Johnny Stork

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Is Microsoft Still Evil?

I have been a user of Microsoft products since MS DOS and then started with Windows 2.0 and almost every version since (workstation and server, except Bob and Vista). I have also seen the company transform itself from the "Linux is evil" attitude to embracing open-source to a certain extent and becoming a much more open and friendly company. Until I tried to install a legit full version of Office 2013 on a laptop which had come pre-installed with Office365 and a one year subscription!

Wholly f&%#*n evil bastard lockin and screw the customer nails-on-black-board painful process that was!!! Even after completely un-installing Office365, reading through dozens of forum posts about delete this folder, delete that folder, delete these registry keys, try this tool, try that tool and many hours of cursing and swearing, a legitimate full version of Office 2013 WILL NOT INSTALL and reports that the license is incompatible with the installed Office license!!! And yes, I know about the lengthy manual un-install process, but I could not be bothered and resented that was necessary, assuming it would have worked.

Most of the people who have gone through this process have apparently had to reinstall the OS in order to install their own legitimate copy of Office 2013!! After three days of trying, and lots of cursing, I had to install Office 2010. Yes, I could have installed Open/Libre Office, which I run on my own machines. But this laptop is for a friend who needs Office. Now I will wait for Windows 10, install that clean and then install Office 2013.

But really #Microsoft , is this really necessary? I thought you were done building your empire by FORCING people to stick with your product rather than allowing them to choose it of their own free will because you make the product something great! You just lost every bit of respect I had developed for you over the years as you began to change your ways, shift your attitude. 

Microsoft, you are still an EVIL COMPANY

#microsoft   #office365   #microsoftoffice  
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Fun Googling
99 Things you didn't know you could do with Google
For on the go, at work and having fun

#OkGoogle   #tipsandtricks   #Google  
Tips and tricks you didn't know you could do with Google for on the go, at work and having fun.
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“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

#compassion   #livingwell   #kindness   #transpersonal   #transpersonalpsychology   #positivepsychology  
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Like this quote!
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  • ITAP (Spiritual Psychology)
    (Master of Science ) Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, 2013 - present
    ITA Professional is a non-profit organisation which promotes the applications of transpersonal psychology in professional fields. It is aligned with the International Transpersonal Association which defines the ‘transpersonal’ in terms of the larger scale of being that recognition of the sacred and of spirituality can bring into our lives. Our courses in consciousness studies, spirituality & transpersonal psychology provide intellectually-challenging programmes of study which focus on such issues as the nature of consciousness, the dynamics between psyche and soma, the psychology of self and higher states of being, creativity and transformation, and the psychological basis of spiritual and mystical practices. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, our courses are distinctive in valuing experiential approaches to learning and encouraging students to incorporate insights from the courses into their own life journeys. Our online MSc programme is a collaborative project of ITA Professional, the Professional Development Foundation and the Scientific and Medical Network; and we are validated/accredited by Middlesex University.
  • Sofia University
    (Graduate Certificate) Transpersonal Psychology, 2012 - 2013
  • Simon Fraser University
    (Certificate) Technical Writing Program, 2010 - 2013
  • University of Northern British Columbia
    (Master of Science - Inc) Psychology & Statistics, 1996 - 2001
  • Simon Fraser University
    (Bachelor of Arts) Psychology & Statistics, 1986 - 1991
  • University of British Columbia
    (Seminar) Statistics, 1998 - 1998
Basic Information
Open Source and Linux | Educational Technology | Personal & Spiritual Development | Mindful Management | Social Media

Passionate advocate for the responsible and humanitarian use of educational, communications and social technologies for professional, personal and spiritual development. I believe the efficient use of these interconnecting technologies, combined with a willingness to develop, communicate and share knowledge in a collaborative and participatory manner, creates many opportunities for professional, personal and spiritual development, as well as the advancement of humanitarian and globally responsible principles. 

I believe the more we honestly and authentically share with everyone - knowledge, wisdom as well as who we are in our essence - the more we advance opportunities for education, build the foundations for trust and cooperation with others and the more we realize how similar and fundamentally interconnected we are. At least in theory, this should lead to increased respect, identification with others, cooperation, awareness of global, humanitarian issues and ideally, the possibility of spreading universally beneficial concepts like global responsibility and universal compassion. With our expanding use of, and reliance on, digital & mobile communications, social-media and online learning, I believe we can build a global, technological infrastructure to support these many personal, social and humanitarian values across an interconnected planet. This is why I have chosen to advance and support the efficient and integrated use of educational, social and community-building technologies for learning, social, personal, spiritual and professional development.

Along with a background in business leadership and project management, I also have an extensive technological background in Linux, open-source, database development, web development, content management, statistics, social-media and educational technologies. I have been fortunate to have earned a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Applied Statistics, a Graduate Certificate in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia/ITP University, numerous certifications in Database Development, Database Management, Project Management and Technical Writing. I am currently in a Middlesex accredited Masters Program in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology through ITA Professional where I have also been afforded the opportunity to put into action, some of these technological, educational, social and personal development ideals.

Long Version

I am a spiritually-inclined and bliss-following survivor of child abuse with bipolar and obsessive-compulsive challenges currently struggling with the social invisibility and irrelevance that often comes with (post) middle age. Early in 2012, a couple months before my mother died in my arms, I decided it was time to begin pursuing something that had been building conceptually in my mind for years. This concept is what I believe is the natural, technological and epistemological evolution of the "open source" philosophy. The evolution of the notion of sharing software coding knowledge in order to improve computer programs for the benefit of everyone using it, to other forms of sharing knowledge, information and wisdom from science, education, spiritual/personal development and even professional knowledge. 

So with this concept in mind, I returned to graduate school late in 2012 to pursue a degree in integral, holistic and transpersonal models of psychology and spirituality. I would bring with me more than 15 years of open-source, Linux, business, research and various other technical skills. Combined with a passion for social-media and on-line education, the time was right to seek out an opportunity where I would pursue, explore and promote these concepts of open-access, open-learning and open-knowledge, while furthering my own education and interests in spiritual and transpersonal psychology, as well as human consciousness.

In short, I am in relentless pursuit of a philosophical, spiritual, social, educational and technological vision - I am following a dream - I am following my bliss. I am in pursuit of what I believe are the early stages of an epistemological paradigm shift, that will hopefully benefit the entire planet and all of humanity. I also believe that over time, an evolution of human consciousness may result from the exponential growth, and technologically supported expansion of, interconnected minds.

Put Another Way

Philosophically, spiritually and technologically inclined man with diverse passions, interests and goals. I am constantly seeking that perfect opportunity to contribute my education, skills, interests and passions towards a worthwhile cause or group. I am also on a life-long quest for learning, personal development and finding ways to give back to the world and my community. I abhor mediocrity and strive for perfection and excellence in everything I do. I consider unconditional honesty to one's self and others, devoid of social expectation or self-interest, to be the highest principle as well as the greatest example of integrity, that any person can hold. I am deeply introspective and endeavor to think critically about all choices or decisions where there are ethical implications for myself or others. I have made mistakes in the past, and likely to make more in the future. I believe I have learned something from every mistake.

I am a compassionate, patient and respectful man. But I am also intolerant of, and outspoken on, issues of abuse, prejudice, hypocrisy, dishonesty, apathy or any form of negligent or unethical conduct, particularly by those in positions of power or authority. I am also indifferent to social expectations or externally-derived value-systems. I am also deeply principled to the point of appearing self-righteous and so I am often grossly misunderstood. I expect others to hold me to the same level of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct I demand from them. Occasionally, I am considered a tall, ruggedly handsome, fine specimen of a renaissance man. Other times, I am considered dumb as a bag of hammers.

I am also a pervasively happy and perpetually grateful man. I am grateful for the spectacular privilege of being alive; the gift of being loved by, and in love with, a goddess; thankful for the honour of being father to a compassionate and intelligent son; and overwhelmed beyond words for the love and attention of two princesses and two musketeers.

Spiritual Philosophy

As a result of various personal experiences, decades of reading and learning about many of the world’s spiritual, philosophical and scientific traditions, I firmly believe that our civilization is in need of a significant paradigm shift in thinking, learning and communicating, if we are to succeed in the future. I believe this paradigm shift can begin through the collective impact of individuals recognizing and fulfilling their True Nature. I believe this True Nature, or Buddha Nature, the Ultimate Reality, the Perennial Philosophy is transcendent of traditional human sensory experience but can be experienced and reinforced through meditation and other spiritual or introspective practices. I also believe this True Nature can only be described, or defined, through metaphor and the creative expression of gifted artists. I also believe that all of the world's theistic and non-theistic traditions contain aspects of this True Nature and are thus united, equal on this level. They put us in touch with a deeper sense of our selves as well as a larger sense of us all - a recognition of, and connection with, the Collective Consciousness, the Source, our True Nature, our Buddha Nature, what the Hindu's call Brahman and North American indigenous people often call the Great Spirit.

"The ultimate, unqualified mystery is beyond Human experience." -- Joseph Campbell

I believe that our apparently obvious and self-evident perception or experience of separateness and individuality is the most common, pervasive form of collective human psychosis and mass delusion. Our perceived separateness from others, is an illusion and the basis of many of man’s individual and collective problems. The single most important message from most of the world’s spiritual, philosophical and even scientific traditions is one of UNITY. We are all truly a global community of One and need to think, act, communicate and collaborate with our fellow humans with this as our guiding principle. 

Tat Tvam Asi – We are It, Thou Art That

Bragging rights
Spent 10 years climbing in Squamish. I was the legal guardian of my younger brother at 19. My first girlfriend was related to Chief Dan George. I have had more than one near-death experience. Worked breifly as a male waiter on ladies nights. I used to drive a 1979 Ford Bronco with 18" of total lift on 40" TSL Boggers. Had a date with Mitzi Dupree (Ping Pong Queen). Came close to competing in the Olympics. Once owned a 1969 Dodge Dart that dynoed 425 horsepower at the rear wheels and could pull the front wheels off the ground. Helped develop and manage one of B.C's first treatment centers for adolescent sex offenders. Deadlifted the heavy end of a Suzuki. I know many goddesses. My first epiphany was watching my son being born. I am a proud father. I am called "Papa Johnny" by two princesses. I am.
Educational Technology Specialist, Linux Support Engineer, Web/Database Developer, Research/Statistical Consultant, Technical/Content Writer
Critical thinker with in-depth knowledge of educational, technology and social media trends. More than 20 years of Linux, Windows and open-source implementations in educational, government and private sector environments. Project management, business/process analysis, technical writing, database development/reporting and knowledge/content management. Egalitarian and participative management style. Graduate level education and experience in psychology, research, marketing and statistics.
  • Open Enterprise Solutions
    Linux Server Administration - Database Development/Reporting - Data/Statistical Analyst - Technical Writing, 2000 - present
    Linux Administration - Open Source - Business Information & Communications Technology Services - Data Analyst - Database Developer & Reporter - Technical Writing. Windows Server management, deployment and monitoring services and solutions. Network management and security solutions, intrusion detection, firewall's etc. Database administration, development and reporting (Crystal Reports) on Oracle, SQL-Server and MySql. Web and content management development on Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. Web application security solutions, server/web hardening. Server and network monitoring solutions with Nagios, Munin, Zabbix. Email system deployment and administration on Sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Scalix and Zimbra. Email spam and antivirus solutions with ASSP, Spamassassin, Mailscanner and BarricadeMX. Web analytics, research design, statistical analysis, search engine optimization, social-media integrations. Linux and open-source solutions for business.
  • Sophos
    Linux Support Engineer, 2012 - 2015
    Provide enterprise customer support for the Sophos gateway and network security products. Products supported include the Unified Threat Management (UTM - formally Astaro Security Gateway), Email, Web and PureMessage gateway solutions. Troubleshooting various Windows, Linux and network issues from SMTP, DHCP, DNS, QoS, NAT, OSPF and BGP. Debug and resolve network routing and topological problems, IPSec, RAS technologies (IPSec over L2TP, SSL VPN, IOS VPN), as well as endpoint-based antivirus, site-to-site VPN, Web Application Firewall, iptables and HTTP Proxy.
  • District of Squamish
    Linux Server & Web Hosting/Development Administration, 2007 - 2012
    In the role of Network and Server Administrator (Linux), assess, plan, deploy and manage new Linux servers for various roles with the District of Squamish. These roles include Hosting Server, Email, Gateway, Spam and Anti-virus Server and Network/Server Monitoring Solutions. Server and hosting management in a mixed environment consisting of Windows 2000 and 2003 Servers. Ensure that all Linux servers are deployed with enhanced security features, automated and managed updates, adequate management tools and provide documentation and training to DOS staff as required. Ongoing Linux server management, updates, security and performance monitoring.
  • Hatfield Consultants
    Linux Server Administration, 2007 - 2008
    In the role of Business & Technology Architect (consultant), gather-requirements and propose, deploy and manage new Linux servers for various roles with Hatfield Consulting. These roles include Email, Gateway, Spam and Anti-virus Server, Network/Server Monitoring Solutions, High Availability (HA) and Failover Solutions, MySql, Groupware and Document Management Systems. Responsibilities: Ensure that all servers were deployed with enhanced security features,automated and managed updates, adequate management tools and provide documentation as required. Ongoing Linux server management, updates, security and performance monitoring. Tools & Technologies Used: CentOS, ESX, VMWare, Webmin, chrootkit, Nagios, Hyperic, Zabbix, OPManage, Cpanel, ConfigServer Firewall (CSF), Login Failure Detection (LFD), YUM, Apache, Sendmail, BIND, PHP, MySQL, MailScanner, MailWatch, Spamassasin, and numerous open-source tools and applications.
  • Ministry of Health
    Business Analyst/Database Developer/Reporter, 2003 - 2006
    In the role of Business & Technology Architect/Analyst (full time), reviewed/revised the PBCO technology infrastructure and database systems to ensure interoperability with other Ministry of Health Systems and the utilization of approved Ministry technology standards such as XML and HL7. Hired developers to provide additional database development, architectural redesign and database reporting support. Managed all projects including the re-design of PBCO SQL-Server databases to ensure maximum data integrity, performance and extensibility to accommodate growth of the PBCO. Developed data collection protocols and completed numerous analytical and database reports. Reviewed and implemented sweeping technology changes with open-source and Linux solutions in the back-end with no disruptions to daily operations or client-side systems. Provided various data and statistical analysis support along with database reporting responsibilities.
  • Tesco Corporation
    Database Developer/Reporter, 2003 - 2003
    As a Database and Crystal Reports Developer (contract), work with Tesco developers to modify, create and standardize various Crystal Reports, SQL Server Views Tables and Stored Procedures. Responsibilities: Conversion of Crystal Reports based on SQL Server Views into Crystal Reports based on Stored Procedures. Modify existing reports to recently defined "Tesco Standards". Assist in various End-User and Developer Documentation for SQL, Reports, Stored Procedures. Produce various analytical and statistical reports through Crystal Reports. Tools & Technologies Used: Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Enterprise Manager, SQL, Transact-SQL, SQL Query Analyzer.
  • Canadian Forest Products
    Business Analyst/Database Developer/Reporter, 1999 - 2002
    In the role of Business Analyst (full time), assist in the requirements-gathering process, project management and implementation of a company-wide Maintenance Management Software upgrade at all BC and Alberta locations. In the role of Database and Crystal Reports Developer, provide SQL, PL/SQL development support and Crystal Reports on Oracle and SQL Server databases. Provide analytical and statistical support and services to the Forestry Research Group. Tools and technologies used include: Crystal Reports, TOAD, SQL Navigator, SPSS, Oracle SQL Plus Editor, Oracle Reports and Oracle Forms. Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Team Coherence (Software Configuration Management), Front Page, PHP and HTML development tools in a Windows NT/2000 environment.
  • Ministry of Forests
    Statistical/Research Consultant, 1996 - 2001
    In the role of Statistical & Research Consultant (contract), perform data cleaning, conversions, recoding on survey data. Assess data types and survey goals for optimal analytical/statistical methods and provide a summary report on survey findings and conclusions. Responsibilities: Ensure accurate and clean data source from original survey data, perform data cleaning and categorization. Numerous descriptive univariate and multivariate statistical methods were deployed including frequencies, central tendencies (modes, medians), nonparametric one-way ANOVA (Kuskal Wallis). Comprehensive reports and data analysis summaries were prepared. Tools & Technologies Used: SPSS (Statistical Program for the Social Sciences), SYSTAT,Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.
  • Madrone Consultants
    Statistical/Research Consultant, 1997 - 1998
    As Statistical & Research Consultant (contract), I worked directly with Madrone researchers designing data sampling and collection methods, data conversions and cleaning from various text, Excel and database formats. Various descriptive, univariate and multivariate analysis was performed along with final reports or contributions to publication ready articles. Responsibilities: Identifying suitable data sampling methods, variable selection, data cleaning and categorization. Numerous descriptive and predictive univariate and multivariate statistical methods were deployed. Comprehensive reports and data analysis summaries were prepared and some were submitted for publication to Forestry Journals. Tools & Technologies Used: SPSS (Statistical Program for the Social Sciences), BMDP, Minitab, Statistica, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.
  • Industrial Forest Services
    Statistical/Research Consultant, 1996 - 1997
    As a Statistical & Research Consultant (contract) with Industrial Forest Services, I worked directly with researchers designing data sampling and collection methods, data conversions and cleaning from various text and database formats. Various descriptive, univariate and multivariate analysis was performed along with final reports or contributions to publication ready articles. Responsibilities: Identifying suitable data sampling methods, variable selection, data cleaning and categorization. Numerous descriptive and predictive univariate and multivariate statistical methods were deployed. Comprehensive reports were prepared and some were submitted for publication to various Forestry Journals. Tools & Technologies Used: SPSS (Statistical Program for the Social Sciences), Minitab, BMDP, Statistica, Microsoft Access, Excel, Word and Powerpoint.
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