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"Turkey suspended military ties with Israel, expelled top Israeli diplomats, pledged to support the Palestinians' statehood bid and vowed to send the Turkish navy to escort Gaza-bound aid ships in the future."

This is like a really nasty game of Jenga.
Turkish leader condemns Israeli policies in his opening address to a meeting of the Arab League in Cairo.
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l.Israel, like its foreign-policy puppet the United States, is doing a fantastic job of making itself a global pariah.

EDIT: Also, I wondered yesterday whether the breakdown between former good-buddies Turkey and Israel was the reason Bruce Fein joined Ron Paul's campaign. Bruce Fein, though a good Constitutionalist, has also been paid a great deal of money over the years by the Turkish government on behalf of their interests in the US, and Dr. Paul is the only running Republican (besides perhaps Gary Johnson) who is not an eager lapdog of Israel.
To clarify, it may start out regional. But if Israel ends up losing or looking like they are losing the world scene instantly changes dramatically.
The outbreak of an actual war in the Middle East that brings in Turkey and Iran, let alone the intercession of China and Russia (even through indirect aid), would break the American Empire over night. It's hard to imagine a recipe for a worse military catastrophe than the one the US faces right now, with so many troops stuck trying to occupy a landlocked country (Afghanistan) and a country surrounded by real or potential enemies, with only a narrow sea lane out (Iraq), and yet those forces, instead of being concentrated, are scattered in feeble attempts to fight an asymmetrical war that they aren't particularly capable of fighting anyway. With the economy already in ruins and the very real possibility of the destruction of a fleet of very vulnerable and expensive warships by missiles, mines, and suicide attacks in the Straits of Hormuz, there would be no one to come to the rescue, nor would there be any way to get them to the rescue even if there was. It would be Manzikert and Adrianopole rolled into one.
Mike articulates it exactly right in my opinion. We have years and year of bad foreign policy to atone for as the cherry on top.
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