Take a second to notice how this works. Try to ignore the points both the Young Turks and Lou Dobbs make and rather focus on the larger, more general effect of what is happening here.

1. It immediately sets up a false dichotomy of liberal vs conservative. Everybody will fall into line either agreeing disagreeing because the opinion is so heavy-handed and absolute. There is no room for a third opinion or nuance when complex concepts are reduced like this. You've just been boxed up into one of two camps whether you wanted to be or not.
2. The vilification placed upon the topic creates an atmosphere of hatred and despair (large, sweeping agendas that out of our control). This is responded to with ridicule and return vilification. The dialogue is never about anything real but rather more focused on loaded meta concepts (liberal Hollywood, agendas and indoctrination, and also massive outrage).
3. The outrage is a poor response, this is exactly the desired effect of this kind of "story". A strongly divided and angry group of people cannot be rational and effective as a collective society. This is a validation of the false dichotomy and perpetuates the myth of a black and white world.
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