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A few questions:

1. How big do you think this will be?
2. Why do it on a Saturday? Wouldn't this cause more alarm on a Wednesday (or busy workday)?
3. Are you interested in this event at all? If so, what media outlets will you watch with regard to whether or not they cover this event?
4. Their simple demand seems unformed. An almost afterthought on suggests it is to remove corporate personhood. Do you agree with this demand, or do you think it is the right "single simple demand"?
#OCCUPYWALLSTREET in Four Days. What will happen this Saturday when thousands of us descend on Lower Manhattan and start walking toward Wall Street? 12 comments Adbusters , 13 Sep 2011. Share. #OCCUPY...
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Well the Saturday one is easy - that way everyone can settle in. The point is to STAY there - its not a demonstration, it's an occupation. And as for the demand, once we are all congregated then we will decide exactly what we are looking for as a resolution
I am amused at how Anonymous has been co-opted by a tiny group of anti-corporatists in the ad industry.
I live in Manhattan and will be there to show support but I won't be camping there. Unfortunately I have prior responsibilities I can't leave behind. If things get hairy though I would have no problem fighting and getting stuck in Central Booking
That is a very good point about the potential divisiveness of too much up front definition. I hadn't thought about that.
America doesn't react well to things like this. SWAT will show up if it hits a critical mass. Which is kind of the point
Yeah, then it gets plastered on major news networks that SWAT took out a peaceful gathering in NYC. We gotta shake people's confidence if we want them to see sense
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