This is hilarious on many, many levels.

1. Fox news is saying HuffPo is not fair and balanced. But this is Fox News's tagline. They are holding HuffPo to their standard. Why should HuffPo be concerned about meeting Fox's "standards"?
2. I think we all know Fox is about as biased as HuffPo. This is just hypocrisy.
3. Arianna Huffington is a liberal. This is known. It's like they are trying to make a news story out of a known, boring fact. Rupert Murdoch is a conservative. So what?
4. As if any media agency in the US is unbiased at this point. Al-Jazeera is the closest thing to unbiased these days, simply because they are not immersed in the absolute deafening local media cacophony in this country.

These media wars serve as proof of their uselessness. Any media that participates in conflict is not interested in factual journalism. That is OK. It's just a telling characteristic. Opinions are not news. Fox's article here is a reflexively damning opinion piece.
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