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Its hear, kinda. I am told my drive isn't ready yet, and I am not on a windows machine, so I am not sure what the windows interface is like yet. 5 Gig for free and $2.50 a month for 25Gb is nice.
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It took a couple of hours and then I got the email. I signed up for the $2.50 plan because I was thinking I might get it faster. I probably won't use that much space so I might downgrade. I currently do not use a cloud drive so I am not sure if I really need it.
I installed on my PC, but I am so used to using Google Docs through the web interface, I don't know if anything will change for me. I did realize there is no need for me to have Carbonite backup either my dropbox nor my Google Drive directories. That is some sort of feedback loop.
You are right about Google docs. I am also used to the web interface. I am not sure if I really have a use for google drive but I am trying to find one.

I use cloud services for just about everything (Google docs, google and amazon music, git hub for code) so I don't really have any personal files to upload. Even pictures that I take go to Picasa or I just email them with GMail and they are saved in there.

I do have some movies on an external drive but it seems like the files would be too big to upload to a cloud drive. I was thinking I might try scanning hard copies of family documents and putting them on the drive. I would have to replace my bubble jet printer from 1995 to do that though.

The one really useful thing I have done with drop box from time to time is sharing documents with other people.
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