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that just rocks , would be  interesting to see if +mark helm tweaked any manual evf/liveview to get the IBIS working on manual too 
+Johnny Johnsen you do realise that it is a 300mm (in old money) handheld shot focusing on that little critter needs to be rock solid 
+Kevin Burns +Johnny Johnsen thank you
I just repeated the settings from the EXIF on this image.
Camera settings Manual focus- IS 1  150mm - Focus assist "off" (I wear glasses and the jumping back and forth in magnification makes it difficult to focus) so I don't think I did anything special. Focus lock click on with half press of shutter release. 
The chipmunk was still but I did humming birds with the 50-200mm same camera set-up
this was 1/2000 @ f5.6 iso 1600 I hope you can see the image.
I normally can not shot hand held just too shaky with the E-3 but the EM-5 with the stabilization and focus lock  really helps.
hope this answers your questions
Very nice job :-) Also with the bird.
Now I definitely want the Olympus OM-D E-M5....
Thanks there +mark helm I have a similar setup in a MySet for using legacy glass