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Johnny Johnsen
Big Formula 1 fan and a proud father. Have an amateur blog on WP, spend too much time on G+
Big Formula 1 fan and a proud father. Have an amateur blog on WP, spend too much time on G+

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I paid for a movie on YouTube ....

#StrangeFeeling #GreatFilm #YouTube

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The Geneva Motor Show, 2017:
Certainly no shortage of horsepower, with the likes of the Ferrari 812 Superfast, Porsche 911 GT3 and McLaren 720S.
But just outside the Palexpo, Koenigsegg’s customers put on a little horsepower show all of its own.
And it was glorious.

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Cincinnati, Ohio
One person has been killed and at least 14 injured in a shooting at a nightclub.

The shooting took place at the Cameo Night Club, the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) said on Twitter.
Several people had life-threatening injuries, assistant police chief Paul Neudigate told news channel WLWT-TV.
"We are in the middle of a very horrific situation that occurred at the nightclub with multiple victims," Mr Neudigate said.
"It's going to be a long night for our homicide units to investigate," he added.
The shooting happened at about 01:00 (05:00 GMT). Hundreds of people were in the venue at the time, Mr Neudigate said.
Nobody has been taken into custody, CPD sergeant Eric Franz told ABC News. He said police were interviewing multiple witnesses.

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The morning after

The blast was felt across Merseyside and completely destroyed the Complete Works dance studios. People told of a huge bang, while others said they could physically feel the shock wave of the explosion.
Around 30 people were injured and many more were evacuated from their homes while police, the fire service and the ambulance service worked on the scene.
Police dogs were expected to scour the rubble this morning, but purely as a precaution.
The cause of the blast is still unknown this morning, although a gas leak was being investigated last night.
We’ll have the latest updates from the scene as well as the knock on effects of the explosion as we go through the day.

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Most drivers started on the ultrasoft, with Sauber’s Formula 1 debutant Antonio Giovinazzi the highest placed finisher to start on the soft.

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Pirelli Race Report at:

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Formula 1 Driver Standings 

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2017 – F1 Constructor Standings 

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Race Result #AusGP 

Fantastic to have Ferrai back. The 2017 season can turn out to be a very interesing one,

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#AusGP 😁😁😁
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