Hootsuite has finally integrated G+ into their dash.

+HootSuite has been one of my favorite decks for a very long time.... now I can integrate all of my feeds... and this? This is exciting.


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meh. i like doing things the hard way. 
I was always a fan of tweet deck before, but I more or less dropped it when I gave up on Twitter and Facebook...but now I'm back on the other networks for work, this will change my life. You're my hero, +Johnny Roquemore. 
old news.....that's so 5 hours
Adding tabs now. SOOO HAPPY! I think I can finally pull away from Buffer, which is nice, but lacking SOOO many of the nice features of Hootsuite. Then again, I was still using both... but now I may just drop the easy/awesome buffer scheduling just for this one addition to hoot.
Actually, removed the last question I asked because I found the answer myself - but new question - is there any way of setting up multiple docks of tabs? Like, on one computer to have multiple profiles, where you can have different tab layouts at the top, depending on what you are working on at the time. Kindof annoying for me to have 15 tabs all throughout the top.
Or would I just have to register twice and keep my chrome logged into one, and just use IE for the other (or ctrl-shift-n and private browse in chrome with the second login) (since two would be all I need) Hey +HootSuite any suggestions?
It's okay. I like it that way anyway

Scheduling and automating makes sense for business - for personal, it's just lazy.
+Andrij Harasewych No it's not lazy at all for personal use.  I find much more goodness to share that I don't want to share all at once and flood people's streams. It makes perfect sense to schedule them and spread them out.
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