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At first I was all, "What's so special about that truck" and then I saw it. ;P
how manyu wetbacks you put in jail this week bottom are exactly the reason cops are hated....period you fucking piece of trash
fuck off cop, i hope you get shot in the face......from the start, you know nothign about me, but that fucking power trip your own, you think you can tell me what to a man......but since you have proven your self to also be a lier......oh what thats a requirement for an armed tax collector.
hahahahahah, there ya go again, telling me what to do.....scum pig......we all know all cops are rapeists and murdering thieves, common knowledge
im still waiting right here big man, show me how bad ass you are
oh she sees everything i type big man, i dont hide behind a badge. now run along or show really are boring me......and i will be sure to print an entire record of our convo.......everyone loves an asshole cop story
there ya go, giving orders again, i dare say i have photo graphic evidence i was in a court of law, but you wouldnt know that since cops dont have to follow the law now do they.....shut up and obey, am i right comrade?
you would have an good argument if you had shown, but there hasnt been a woman here in a sun dress all day, and since im sitting in plain view., are nothing but a fucking liar as all fucking worthless cum drinking cops
funny, you never showed, got the time stamped photos you punk as, fuck you, and i hope your partner is in on the gang bang of your woman while you blow the chief

I have been waiting here all day, AND YOU HAVE NO BALLS TO SHOW DO YOU.........time stamped photos pig....time stamps....logs,......they are all here.......hmhmmmm punk ass little bitch