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watching the 2010 remake of The Wolfman with Benicio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.

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Johnny Brannan

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Hollywoodland with Ben Affleck playing George Reeves (who played Superman) which is #ironic because Affleck was recent cast as Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

on a side note: Reeves shares a similar name with Christopher Reeve who also played #superman -- both actors died after tragic accidents

#hollywoodland   #hollywood   #georgereeves   #christopherreeve   #benaffleck   #benaffleckbatman   #superman   #batman   #supermanvsbatman   #batmanvssuperman   #christophernolan   #manofsteel   #manofsteel2   #manofsteelsequel  

Johnny Brannan

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Matthew McConaughey's "alright alright alright" in his Oscar speech is a reference to his David Wooderson character from Dazed and Confused.

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I'm in bust

Johnny Brannan

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a precursor to a major market correction?

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A man who jumped from the JP Morgan building in Hong Kong this week becomes the 8th banker to die mysteriously this month
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Its business as usual, man. Just sayin'. BTW, there's a job opening in China. It's a banker position if you are interested. ;) teehee

Johnny Brannan

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the #usa  does not have the right to bomb or invade anyone it sees as a threat. Doesn't the #unitednations  have authority here? And why doesn't anyone in the American media bother to mention this?

"... at the international level there is the law of the United Nations, which is supposed to govern the use of force in international relations. Article 2 of the U.N. charter, to which the US is a signatory, prohibits the use of military force against other nations unless authorized by the Security Council."

#isis   #isil   #un   #truthout  
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In 1998 the US senate voted to sign the Iraq liberation act. It is not just bombing willy nilly, as far as I can tell it is staying the course.

The outcome, ultimately, will be the bringing to the forefront the religious war that is in motion, yet newspapers rarely acknowledge. ISIS and the like are evil groups, but they are merely following holy texts and precepts within Islam. 

Johnny Brannan

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only 640 more days to go!

#starwars   #starwarsepisode7   #starwarsepisodevii  
A new Star Wars film is getting closer by the day, and Lucasfilm and Disney have just announced some new information on the status of the production. Episode VII — co-written and directed by...

Johnny Brannan

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"I feel after presiding over 6K divorces it really comes down to a man has basic needs Feed me and f*** me. Whichever the woman doesn't provide he will find. Most women want security both financial and emotional. So really the basic problem is that both want/need different basic things. In the beginning both are willing to accommodate the other. But many times for whatever reason little by little they stop. Then problem set in and possible divorce. Then as many have said the emotions take over. A man views the breakup as a partnership/business deal. The woman views it as a rejection of her and her golden vajay jay.

Of course the short version is women be crazy."

#divorce   #arkansas   #judge   #lsu   #tiger   #website  
Mike Maggio is a judge in Arkansas. He is also a big LSU fan. He is also the commenter geauxjudge on an LSU fan site, and he posts some peachy comments there about sluts, gays, minorities, rodeo sex fantasies, and this one time he presided over Charlize Theron's son's adoption.
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What a creep!

Johnny Brannan

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it's Spaceballs the song from the 1987 sci-fi comedy Spaceballs

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Johnny Brannan

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"are you telling me you built a time machine out of a Delorean?" -- Marty McFly in "Back to the Future"

#backtothefuture   #martymcfly   #michaeljfox   #robertzemeckis   #christopherlloyd   #bifftannen   #delorean   #back   #future   

Johnny Brannan

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singer/guitarist from South Louisiana, USA
hello!  i'm a musician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.  i sing and play guitar for my band, The Johnny Rockets.  our music is a blend of rock, blues, and country.

i also enjoy videography, photography, and film.  most of my posts are about music, movies, or the internet in general.  i also have a youtube channel and make music videos.  please add me to your circles!  i'd like to be your friend!
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