How To Succeed On Google Plus
Or How A Mistake Might Create Success!

I joined Google Plus about a year ago. I didn't do anything on Google Plus or understand it until about three months ago. At that time I think I had maybe 25 followers. Yet in less than three months I went for twenty-five followers to more than one-thousand followers. 

The number of followers I have is relatively insignificant. What's more important is the relationships I've developed. I've meet professionals on Google Plus whom I feel I know and who know me. Some know my knowledge of SEO and have seen my work. I've been blown away by other's writing, knowledge, and consistent output. 

Yes one-thousand followers caters to my ego. I can be vain, even superficial.  Of course I want to be a Google Plus Rock Star, “An influencer.” But that can not be attained until you first make real solid connections with many people, some influencers some Google Plus newbies. 

I have a little niche I'm carving out. To be honest lately I've been so busy with work I have not been posting as much on Google Plus. It's a balancing act keeping current on Google Plus and getting your day to day work done. 

How have I gone from twenty-five followers to one thousand in a relatively short time. First off I feel looking back I could have even more followers. I only participated in three circle shares. Each were under 225 people in the circle. Two circles were with people who I knew well. Many in the circle I was already following and some had been following me. 

If I just wanted to go for numbers of followers. I could have joined a circle share everyday. But that would add a huge amount of noise to my feed. Cause me to spend more time than I want cleaning up my circles. Also I feel, at some point, Google will look at circle sharing as gaming the system. Therefore I use circle sharing sparingly. Call me overly cautious. 

Make Mistakes And Put Yourself Out There! 

The most important single act I made on Google Plus, which taught me the most and gave me a huge understanding about how Google Plus works was a ethical faux pa (a socially awkward or tactless act). Was a "How not use Google Plus" action, a "mistake". 

I created a community on “Home Security” and made "the mistake" of sending out invitations to everyone I was following... EVERYONE! Gary Oldman - "Leon the Professional" "everyone" scene (HD)

As you can imagine, if you send out a solicitation to everyone for a community or anything which has a very narrow audience. Some folks might be annoyed. Especially influencers who must receive an unbelievable amount of notifications per-day. 

And one was. It wasn't just anyone. This person might be one of the most influential people here on Google Plus. +Mark Traphagen  gave me a bit of a public flogging, but it was really a teaching moment. (at the time I was John Allen too common of a name it's actually a nickname) 

Here's the thread. 

An Open Letter to an Anonymous Social Media Solicitor

Yet this was the most helpful, intense, and fruitful moment in my whole Google Plus experience. Because Mark is so influential and magnanimous, he's public scolding was nothing more than a mentoring moment. And through my error I learned in an hour or two more than I learned in months about Google Plus and years regarding marketing, social media, and online engagement. 

I am a Web designer and Search Engine Optimizer. I'm a reluctant Social Media marketer and brander. Although I did watch the recent Hangout with Mark as well as +Hulk Hogan   and learned a huge amount about branding from the master Mr Hogan. Adapt or Become Irrelevant - Google SEO changes for Small Business

To rap this post up I would like to tell all new Google Plus users and ones who feel they might not be getting all they can out of Google Plus to put yourself out there. Make mistakes but do so in an honest and earnest way. And stand up for yourself and be yourself. In so doing you will engage and created honest and lasting relationships which will lead you in directions you could not imagine. So post comment engage and make a few mistakes along the way. They might end up being your most fruitful actions of all! 

And how did I get one thousand followers in three months?  Mainly by being authentic. Engaging with anyone who gave a post of mine a plus one or commented on a post of mine. Also I gave everyone credit when I shared a post someone created. It's relatively simple. And I commented on post which were of interest and I wasn't afraid to ask questions. Even dumb ones...

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