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I'll just stay single forever. Can't trust these women. {{-_-}}
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Johnny Ace Okeke

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Black women do some pretty fucked up things to Black men today.

But a lot of Black men invite Black women to disrespect us by simping and pandering to them. {{-_-}}
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Feminism in definition means women being treated equal to men. But the premise is based on the notion that men have oppressed women throughout history and kept them from being equals, therefore women must be given special privileges and entitlements to get them on an equal level to men.

Problem is: Even in the 21st century when women have begun to surpass men, the privileges and entitlements exclusively for women have not stopped. In fact, it's been happening for so long that these special benefits are perceived as normal and required. When men call for the faucet to be shut off in the interest of TRUE equality, they are labeled misogynists who hate women, hate their mothers, and want all women to be rape slaves, or whatever messed up assumptions feminists can think of to deflect.

While it is human nature to want to protect your unfair advantage, this is still what ultimately changes the definition of feminism from gender equality into gender entitlements for women.

Women who are interested in TRUE equality know that equality also includes the things women DON'T like. That includes equal prosecution under the law for things such as domestic violence, property damage (meaning don't act like Angela Bassett in "Waiting To Exhale"; don't blow up a man's car unless you're buying him a new car), marriage fraud (marrying a rich man for his money), child support fraud, etc.

In fact, it's very sexist to assume that women are helpless and cannot do things for themselves. Especially Black women who have done great things throughout history without a man's help, sometimes when a man's help was not available.

Feminism actually cripples women and limits their true potential, making them fully dependent on a man. That's why REAL women don't support feminism. Real women know that it's better to work together with men instead of competing against them as adversaries or blaming them as the cause of all their problems. {{-_-}}
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Well said
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Johnny Ace Okeke

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Basically, this degrades MEN more than women. Any man who doesn't realize it deserves this disrespect. But real men like myself are less likely to support companies that insult men.
Maybe you could try getting some new ideas for a change? Instead of just thinking a hot chick none of us will ever meet will solve anything?
Some of us like a girl for MORE than just her looks.
Either way, this commercial flat out sucks period. {{-_-}}
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+MacKenzie L The ironic thing is, you respect yourself but nobody else does.  The men in this video look and act like salivating puppies and there is just nothing admirable about that.  Sorry.  Keep telling yourself it's cool; actually, it's lame.
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If you're Black and you're BROKE, it's time to WAKE UP.
It's time for 7 A.M.
Get your tickets at 7AMMOVIE.COM
I will see you THURSDAY NIGHT at Laemmle Music Hall. {{-_-}}
#7AM #7AMMOVIE #7amdocumentary   
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#BlackLivesMATTER {{-_-}} 
Memphis Schedule Date is January 22nd * * * The Official Theatrical Trailer.
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Where? I will like to know that!!! Only 4% of the black populations actually cares and that is the truth.
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I love it when a rodent falls into one of my traps. {{-_-}}
#MelissaSpeaks #MelissaOrtiz
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Muthafuck that bitch!!

How is it this is the 2nd time this hoe is caught up as the epicenter of some bullshit.??

She fucking up the team and ain't even family. 
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Johnny Ace Okeke

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Feminists cannot speak on Mike Brown and Eric Garner. You cannot call out the racist police department when you advocate creating laws to prosecute men for "catcalling" and "street harassment". Who exactly is supposed to enforce these laws you wish to create?
You have trapped yourself inside a conundrum. {{-_-}}
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Not to mention their little street harassment campaign smacks of the same white supremacist hatred and fear of Black men that began feminism. That's why they deliberately altered their camera footage as to not incriminate white men. {{-_-}}
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Johnny Ace Okeke

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I still believe in Google+.
But Google+ is gonna have to start believing in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare/Swarm if it wants to continue to exist. {{-_-}}
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Johnny Ace Okeke

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What Jerry Sandusky did was deplorable indeed. But it had absolutely nothing to do with the outcomes of those games. Therefore, the wins should be given back and should not have been withdrawn in the first place. That is in no way an endorsement of anything that happened at Penn State. But there is no need to punish players for what happened in the coaching staff. {{-_-}}
That would make Paterno Division I's all-time winningest coach again.
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Prompt. {{-_-}}
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Went to a Black Power festival here featuring The General Sara Suten Seti. They treated us all very well. Excellent merchandise too. {{-_-}}
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