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Writer, publisher, gamer. I check daily.
Writer, publisher, gamer. I check daily.

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Podcasters, could I get your perspective on something?

What makes for a great guest on your shows? What do you wish guests would do more often or better?

I've been a guest on some podcasts lately and am wondering how I can help make the podcaster's episode even better.

What are some ideas, mechanisms, and approaches for collaborating with players to develop character quests and goals at the start of a campaign?

Something I'd love is a digital GM screen. By that I mean my laptop can send text, images, and video to the players' side of the screen.

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How to Create Cool Magic Item Backgrounds in 60 Seconds

Build your magic item backgrounds fast with these four simple steps. Then use these histories to tie a whole bunch of adventure hooks and world details together in clever ways.

A quick announcement to say the Campaign Logger adventuring party has grown by one.

Welcome to +E Vesala, Generator Sage!

He will be questing with us to curate the GitHub repos, extend the generator service, and build and edit generator tables and libraries.

Jump in +Jochen Linnemann and +E Vesala is I've forgotten anything.

It's wonderful having you join the party +E Vesala!

I have this page of city places and people. I'm thinking this could be a great Campaign Logger resources somehow. Maybe a generator, maybe just put into a JSON for easy import and reuse.

Any ideas on how I might spruce this up for interesting CL use?

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How do you beat Game Master procrastination?

I kill it with what I call my GM First Move.

Here's how it works:

I've been following this group's message on the periphery lately, so am a bit out of touch. Just wanted to ask if a BH2 POD version is coming and if there's an ETA for it.

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Thanks to Kobold Press for hosting August's carnival on Magic. Here's their wrap-up post:

September's carnival has now started and it's being hosted by yours truly.

The theme is Short Dungeons & Adventures.

Blog your stories, ideas, thoughts, resources, and creations and then post your link in the comments section at the link above.

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