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WebDriver Torso

What does it mean!?!?

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To live is to travel

We all have fantasized about leaving our corporate jobs behind and traveling the world.  To many of us, it is just a fantasy.  

One of my high school friend,  +Oren Liebermann and his wife Cassie, on the other hand, actually made the leap and are living out this dream.  

They have been through Europe, Africa, and Asia.  Next destination is South America.

If you're like me, stuck behind a desk for your day job, follow along on their blog on their latest adventure!
Check out some photos from our time in Angkor. This should be on everyone's list :-)

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Auto Story

Love this new Google+ Feature to Auto-Story my vacation.

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Google Glass for Non-profits

If you're a non-profit and can benefit from Google Glass, submit your applicaiton to get a grant for Google Glass

How would you use Glass to amplify your impact? Individuals who work at US-based nonprofits are eligible to receive a pair of Glass, a trip to a Google office for training, a $25,000 nonprofit grant, and access to developers to make your Glass project a reality. A team of Googlers, along with the Giving through Glass Explorers - World Wildlife Fund, Samasource,, GiveDirectly and charity: water - will select the five awardees. Read our FAQ and Rules, watch how World Wildlife Fund is exploring how Glass can help protect rhinos, and apply online by 11:59pm PST on May 20.

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Android Wearable

The Motorola Watch is pretty slick.  For me to replace my Swiss Army automatic mechanical watch, I'd need something that looks just as nice.  Minimum is metallic body and nice leather.  

All of the other iterations of smart watches have been plastic and look like kids watches.  I'm glad we're getting to better design by non-engineers.

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Google taking over Mountain View

Yet Google has shown no signs of slowing its growth. As of June 2013 Google employed 11,332 workers in Mountain View, but it told the city council that it hopes to add 3.7 million square feet of new development under the city's latest zoning plan — enough to eventually double its workers to 24,000 by a conservative estimate.

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Wall Street Migration

The exodus has been quite extreme.  I good number of my friends and colleagues from Finance in NYC are now in Tech in SF.

Roughly 31,000 people moved from New York to California in 2012, according to census statistics—the largest one-year migration since 2006. It’s impossible to know how many of those were Wall Street transplants, but a perusal of data provided by employees of tech firms suggests that it was a substantial chunk. More than 1,200 of Google’s 47,500 current employees formerly worked for one of the top 10 global investment banks, according to LinkedIn. The top banks also incubated at least 750 current Apple employees, 175 Facebook employees, and 260 Yahoo employees. Travis Kalanick, chief executive officer of the ferociously expanding Uber, has said that between 10 and 15 percent of his hires come from the financial services industry, with a full 5 percent coming from Goldman Sachs alone.

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Bing StreetView

I just saw this in my neighborhood.  Looks like Bing is trying to get streetview images

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