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heuhe gordum ya çok komik hala benim galaxy S-1 in daha iyi ozellikleri var acınacak halde adamlar
Full of bugs? You don't own one do you?
I have the iPhone 3GS and my wife has the Samsung. Both have worked out great, although attempting to manage media via iTunes is usually accompanied by an awful lot of swearing.
I own a flip phone with texting and internet shut off.  I was getting swamped from texting telemarketers.
I am on the list, reported calls and texts. Calls come from computer generated numbers the state can't trace (000-500-2222) and texts are untraceable.
I gave up fighting them. Now I try to knee them on the phone for as long as I can. I talk about the everything and anything that comes to my mind. Usually after 5 minutes they hang up. It can be a lot of fun.
Xperia S is not a US edition phone. It's called Xperia ion in the US ... I'm just waiting for its price to come down...
What's Xperia S operating band?
As you see Xperia S is LT26i, "i" makes the difference, you won't be able to use 3G under ATT. I have done that with a LT15i and had to return it.
And Xperia's 2012 series more than likely will get the Jelly Bean upgrade, if not, there is always CyanogenMod. And!!! Gingerbread is pretty solid, I am currently using 2.3.4 on my Xperia arc S
GSM Arena lists Xperia S with no 4G LTE capability, if that matters. I am still pretty much headed to Xperia ion. Specs are almost identical.
Yeah I now live in a 4G area so I would want to use that. I am going to be using the phone with Straight Talk so I don't think it really matters.
But you haven't owned a Sony yet, so you don't know how crappy their stock ICS is. Just giving you a heads up. My plan is to jump to CM10 as soon as I get the phone, planning for the Christmas time. 

Straight Talk is a Tracfone company, you bring in your unlocked phone, place the SIM card in, buy airtime and for 45 dollars everything is unlimited for that month. I am at the end of my first month, shaved my bill by 40 dollars and now both my wife and I have unlimited text, data, talk! Only tricky part is the setting APN settings for the data. 

Sony stock camera app is one of the best out there. It's really like carrying a CyberShot camera phone!
if you have ATT/T-Mobile coverage there then you have Straight Talk as well. It uses different company towers, switches back and forth if necessary I believe.
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