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From what i see i will probably ask many questions the next days, sorry about that. xD

Now that i finally managed to make the QS Tiles in svg format, i have another issue. As you can see in the screenshot below, all the animated tiles have a active state even though they are inactive.
I have to mention they work fine in niugat 7.0 but they fc in 7.1.1

For example, for the airplane tile i used these 2 xmls:

Check how the ic_signal_airplane_enable is formed here: http://pastebin.com/1jGxR6P2

Rom i use PureNexus and device is Nexus 6 Shamu

Lastly this is not a bug but mostly a ui element i want to include since the notification header and the qs background have the same color.

I tried to redirect a drawable but i got systemuifc, i even tried adding
<stroke android:width="4dp" android:color="#ff2773e7" />
in the xml file but i still got fcs.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you all!
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You have to make an animated vector drawable for qs with all the groups and whatnot, like the stock drawables. Just making a plain vector woun't do the trick.
So taking the original xmls and just replace the pathdata will work?

Gomma try that and see, thanks for the answer! :)
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