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Another explanation for the power of "*I*" is to consider how people arrive at purchase decisions. Ultimately, decisions are made based on feelings and emotions. Using first-person pronouns in your call to action leverages this knowledge by helping visitors feel the personal benefit of clicking. +Tim Ash

Good stuff to know first-person pronouns - me - have worked better than second-person pronouns - you - in Web copy and CTAs because buyers want sellers to talk to them like fellow humans.
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John Wiehe

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Myth No. 86: Every #SEO reading this will agree with all 85 statements.

But, seriously, this is quality information concerning the current state of SEO from +David McSweeney. This can become rich evergreen content.

What do you think about them?
Spent a long time on this... so please read, comment and share if you like :-)
A detailed guide to SEO in 2014, which takes 85 common SEO beliefs and examines their merits and relevance to rankings.
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cheers John
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John Wiehe

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So we've (Google) played around with the idea of turning off backlink relevance. And at least for now, backlink relevance still really helps in terms of making sure that we return the best, most relevant, most topical set of search results. - +Matt Cutts 

No, I don't think links are losing value in +Google's algorithm because links are what improved the entire search engine industry and led to Google being #1.
It is Whiteboard Friday! Today +Rand Fishkin discusses the question, Are Links Losing Value in Google's Algorithm? Check out the video and let us know what you think!
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John Wiehe

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4. “Content marketing and content strategy are basically the same thing.”

I think this content marketing fib is the one I'm most guilty of. Content marketing involves strategy but I should know the differences of them because the two are distinct from each other and serve two distinct purposes.
I consider this one of the most important pieces I've written. There is so much groupthink and misinformation being passed around about content marketing, most people can recite it as verse and actually believe it to be true.

I want to help people rethink that.
The world of content marketing is full of more horse hooey than an Alberta barn. Like other great lies, many of these half-truths and misleading ideas sound pleasant to the ears and come packaged as good advice from influential people. How many of these popular lies have you fallen victim to? 1. “Your best work […]
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But as I think about the anniversary, I’m at least as impressed by two other facts about the Mac:

1) It’s actually existed for 30 years
2) More important, it’s mattered for 30 years

+Harry McCracken 

This is a great anthology on the Macintosh's impact and effects of creativity. Simply put, I love them and these are a few reasons why.

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John Wiehe

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Facebook and Twitter pages are treated like any other pages on our Web index and so, if, some things you know occurs on Twitter or occurs on Facebook and we’re able to crawl it, then we can return that in our search results...

But as far as doing special specific work to, sort of say, “oh, you have this many followers on Twitter or this many likes on Facebook,” to the best of my knowledge, we don't currently have any signals like that in our Web search ranking algorithms. - +Matt Cutts 

I find this refreshing to hear because I feel like too much emphasis has been put on social media and social signals in SEO and online marketing. Stellar content in a proper context comes before the amount of social cred you're craving for.
Are Facebook and Twitter pages ranked differently than other web pages? Google's Matt Cutts shares some interesting thoughts, saying that there currently aren't any algorithms in Google's search that pay attention to special social signals, like amount of followers. 
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+Drew Harden No problem.
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John Wiehe

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However, driving traffic to content that no one is reading is a waste of time and money. +Tony Haile

The bottom line from this article to all content creators is to create memorable content over clickable content because value can live and thrive there.
In the future, everyone will have your attention for 15 seconds. Sharing is not reading:
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John Wiehe

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77% of respondents could not identify what SEO means. SEO stands for "Search-Engine Optimization," reports +Salvador Rodriguez 

I'm actually happy 90% of Americans think HTML is not a STD. I'm bummed when nearly 1 out of 4 Americans don't know what I do with SEO because helping companies bring out their big ideas to their customers online is the gist of what I do.

If you're talking tech with Americans, you may want to avoid using any jargon. A recent study found that many Americans are lost when it comes to tech-related terms, with 11% saying that they thought HTML — a language that is used to create websites — was a sexually transmitted disease.
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John Wiehe

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Hey SEOs,

Learn more about the FTC's guides concerning material connections +Matt Cutts spoke of, check out § 255.5 Disclosure of material connections.
I don't post SEO/search/webmaster videos here very often, because this is my personal G+ account, but this is an in-depth (8 minute!) video that explains some of the criteria we use when we decide whether a link is paid or not. Roughly, here are some of the important questions we ask:
- What is the value of the gift, product, or service?
- How close is the gift, product, or service to actual money?
- Is it an outright gift or a loan?
- Who is the intended audience?
- Is the intent of the gift to get links?
- Would the gift be a surprise to third party?

My guess is that anyone who has been involved with SEO for a while would intuitively understand these criteria, but it's helpful to clarify some of the questions we ask. Bear in mind that well over 99% of the time, paid links that pass PageRank are abundantly clear--because actual money is changing hands--plus we reserve the right to adapt our criteria when we see new types of spam or abuse.
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John Wiehe

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A solid technical foundation is a prerequisite for strong SEO performance. - +Glenn Gabe 

Recrawl for better results:
1. Cloaking in over-optimized navigation.
2. Rel="dofollowed" affiliate links and the directories holding them.
3. Duplicate robots meta tags.
4. Duplicate titles tags and metadata.
5. Rel="canonical" meta tags and URLs with consistent upper or lower casing.

I think this is great information to keep the SEO audits as worthy as the PowerPoint slides we're writing them on because it makes it easier for users and crawlers to understand what sites are trying to tell them.
The Power of the Recrawl -> 5 Examples of How Recrawling Site Changes Can Nip #SEO Problems in the Bud

My latest post on +Search Engine Watch covers the power of recrawling site changes for long-term SEO success. Recrawls can often catch problems before they become bigger problems SEO-wise.  Don't assume that your recommendations are always implemented correctly...  Instead, recrawl those changes, and make sure all is cool before they are released to production.
SEO audits are extremely powerful, but they are only the first step in the process to improving organic search performance. Once changes are implemented, it’s critically important to recrawl site changes to ensure they are implemented correctly.
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John Wiehe

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The rankings from finding the amount of referrer types from 52 magazine & media sites in 2013:

1. Search 37.8%
2. Typed/Bookmarked 29.7%
3. Other Web Sites 22.3%
4. Social Media 10.2%

Great information for SEOs to know because we want netizens to engage with content in their most appropriate context & avenues.
How Much Search and Social Media Traffic Do Publishers Get? | Adam Sherk by Adam Sherk < Interesting data.
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John Wiehe

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Has Google changed how often they are displaying authorship?

Yes is the answer. But don't let that surprise or discourage you.

Some searches I've done have shown some "authority's" snippet, only to have them with a scant Google+ profile. Trimming down the listings with Authorship may help out searches and Authorship as a whole because it could be a tactic of weeding out spam and thin profiles.

Either way, we should use our efforts to improve content because that improves its value to people searching for the best answers. I still say have active social profiles but don't let overtake your effort to answer a searcher's need.
Has Google changed how often they are displaying authorship? Find out now in this post by +Pete Meyers!
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Broadway Brewery's beer is better than their food. The first time I had their food was when I ate their smoked turkey club sandwich plate, which disappointed me for my birthday. The bread was edible but near stale and the barbecue beans were undercooked. I had a friend whom said his beans were undercooked in his chili dog as well. The pint of dry stout I had made up for the food.
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The first reason why they took my Sentra in was because I needed a new battery. After they replaced it they found out I needed new rear brakes. Both the battery and rear brakes were put in well and have done well since. They took more time than most car repair businesses because they inspected and repaired my Sentra with higher quality. Their business is off the beaten path but it's well worth it to find them when your car's in need of repair.
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I'll only return if they quicken their cooking pace. Around 10 friends rolled in around 12:45 and left around 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was near capacity - around 30 people - but even people outside of our party were served later than most sit-down Asian restaurants. I enjoyed the food but waiting nearly two hours negates its good taste.
Food: Very GoodDecor: GoodService: Good
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