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John Whittier-Ferguson

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Introducing an awesome new venture with old-reclaimed tools. . .
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Thanks +reddit for the laughs. "When people say climate change isn't happening because it's snowing where they are."
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John Whittier-Ferguson

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Henry W-F's latest post on Jamfeed
Somewhere under an overpass in Los Angeles, Steven Ellison is growing stronger. In the last few years he's transformed from underground electronic pioneer, to bespectacled rapper moonlighting as a ...
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John Whittier-Ferguson

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If you keep driving like that, you’re going to kill a cyclist. When you do, it’s going to suck as much for you as it does for them. When you drive by my head at 50 mph I can’t have this conversation...
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Nick D
Al sez it righteously. Not self-righteously. Just right. Keep right, keep cool, stay alive!
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John Whittier-Ferguson

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Henry's latest piece
Oh shit. The Rugged Man is loose again. R.A. is back with a vengeance in his new video, “Media Midgets.” The video is off his latest album, Legends Never Die, and in it he heads a mob of midgets dr...
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Yeah, i dig the writing--nice balance of own curt voice, precise description, and sharp analysis. Hard to pull off. I know nothing of the music, cept the vids posted within. Learning!

Niamh is going through a mock operetta phase. Out of the bath the other day singing as if on Drury lane stage: "I'm dying sweetie bun". Hilarious.

Thanks for posting!
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Henry W-F's piece: "Versace Versace Versace Versace: The Inevitabilities of Capitalist Rap"
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hey James--glad you saw this! one never knows who's following things on G+. hope you're well!
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John Whittier-Ferguson

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mine too!  dark blue.  glad you liked this posting!
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30 April 2013

I’ve been working on my Chromebook Pixel (LTE) for a week now, generally spending about 8-10 hours a day on the machine, and I thought my perspective on the experience might be useful to some in the Chromebook community and to others who are considering buying this computer. I have also felt as though I owed something back to the community of Chromebook users, particularly to those who have helped me make my decision to get the Pixel: reviewers and commentators, like +Kevin Tofel +Joe Wilcox +Nate Swanner, and businessman +David Horvath as well as others in the Chromebook  communities of Google+. I’ll agree here with what they’ve said, and what many others have said, about the screen and the keyboard and the trackpad and the build quality: all extraordinary -- the best I’ve ever used (and I’m a pretty old guy, who’s been using computers since the mid-1980s). 

What I can add to this discussion is testimony that will, I hope, further dispel the myth that all you can do on a Chromebook is answer email, browse, and write memos and short documents. I’m an English Professor at the University of Michigan, and I’ve just finished writing a book using Google Docs. These are files that are between 20 and 30,000 words long, with around 100 footnotes per chapter; the book is c. 110,000 words. I do all my grading and commenting on student essays on this Chromebook (and did so on the 250.00 Samsung Chromebook that I used before), and I regularly read dissertation chapters from graduate students that are 50-80 pages long. Unlike many of my colleagues who use Word or Pages or Scrivener, I have never lost any work, and I spend a great deal less time than I used to worrying about backup programs and updates and computer maintenance. The offline docs syncing has worked flawlessly, even with files that are around 100 pages long, even when I had to restart the computer (a Macbook Air I was using at the time) before getting back online after 5-6 hours of offline editing. I do a good deal of work with PDF files, and have found ways to manage those adequately for my teaching needs. I don’t edit movies, and don’t do lots of things with images. I’ve been doing pretty much all my work in the Chrome browser for about a year — well before I had my first Chromebook. But switching to a Chromebook has simply meant so many fewer distractions from the operating system and from other programs, so many of which required tending to: updates, maintenance, backups, different keyboard shortcuts . . . I have thousands of documents on Google Drive, and thousands more on an $80.00 external drive. Plugging that external drive into the Pixel when I need to find something that I haven’t put up on GDocs is very quick and very easy.

One of the chief differences between the Pixel and the Samsung Chromebook that I’d been using for the past few months is overall speed and, with 4g of RAM, I don’t notice the reloading of tabs phenomenon that can slow down work on a Samsung. I’ve been working entirely with WiFi on this machine, and the Pixel handles data flow remarkably: I regularly get 30-45 Mbps down and 10-20 up; with the Samsung, I was usually getting speeds around a third that fast. None of the Macs in our house are this fast. I know this is not a rigorous tech test (I’m just using the "bandwidthplace" online meter to compare machines), but it confirms my experience, which is that the Pixel feels faster than the Macbooks (Pro, Air) and the iMac that I have been using for the past few years). And on those days (pretty common, in fact) when I’m staring at text on the screen and typing text on the screen for more than 8 hours, the resolution and the keyboard and the trackpad and even the touchscreen make all of this more restful, more pleasant, more error-free than any other piece of hardware I’ve ever used.
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Ian Ray
I usually only get 3 hours before I charge it. I think if I drained the Pixel, it would go 4.5 hours, but I don't want to discharge a battery too far regularly that is semi-difficult to replace.
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English Professor at the University of Michigan
I grew up in Durham, North Carolina and graduated from the Carolina Friends School in 1974. 

I graduated from Kenyon College (Gambier OH) in 1977. 

I taught at English at Carolina Friends School and at Baltimore Friends School in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

I got my Ph.D. in English from Princeton University (1985-1990), and I have been teaching in the English Department at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor since 1990.

I am married to Gale Whittier-Ferguson, and we have two children, Henry and Margaret.
  • Princeton University
    Ph.D. in English, 1985 - 1990
  • Kenyon College
    English, 1974 - 1977
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(pre-1988): John Ferguson
Professor of English
  • University of Michigan
    Professor of English, present
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