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Early doesn't think it's right...
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this just made me sad...and miss Firefly even more.
it is sad Fox pisses me off so much the run a lot of crap and cancel great shows. I just finished Terra Nova and just read yesterday fox canceled it.
James D
It's like Fox said "Whoops! We went and green-lit one-a them there smart shows. Let's go ahead and fix that little mistake."
oh i know. god forbid shows you have to actually think about are aired. I am hopeful about a few new shows coming up...but barely.
Elementary being one. Not sure what station it is going to be on though.
We're living in (Seinfeld's) Bizarro World. This just cinched it.
I think cutting Dollhouse to 2 seasons was a greater travesty than cancelling Firefly. But, then again, I hated Mal.
I think if it more in the terms of Stephen King's Dark Tower series: "the world has moved on".
We are moving relentlessly toward a dumbed down culture where the lowest common dominator rules. At least we got some closure from Firefly the movie.
+John Wesche Yes. I hated Mal. He was wishy washy, bigotted, and judgemental. I like everybody else but Jayne, who was shifty, untrustworhty, and generally an awful person. But I hated Mal.
Agree, and thanks for making me sad all over again. +Michael Fay Dollhouse was awesome! But at least, in its two short seasons, it came to a very solid conclusion, unlike Firefly (which sort of ended in the movie), Kyle XY, and The 4400, to name a few. Two seasons or ten, I just want my shows to end and not just disappear.....
Forget the cancellation for a minute, did you see how those bastards killed Wash?
Yuh, like jersey shaw is totally an edumicational like program. I totaly wouldn't like watch a series on icky bugs, even if they are like totally shiny and glittery.
Sounds like stupid Hollywood studio execs to me
jersey shore is hecka stupid , the people i see watching it i think are gay-in-denial n they like to watch the part about the dude bein all emo and butthurt about every little thing , i prob would watch jersey shore if the focus was more towards the girls but the people i watched with it seems like most of the show's focus is on the dudes ,,, so cancel the jersey shore
Am I a lion? I don't think of myself as a lion. Might as well, though, I do have a mighty roar...
No. No, it doesn't.
I loved that show, but hated the theme song. 
No Early!! It certainly does not!
Noooooooooo. Although 50% of people have an above average IQ, there is always that other half, that not only watch TV but also vote
I think it just shows the viewpoint of the american viewing public. Bleh!
So obviously +Julie Lindfors we need a test to screen people to vote or watch TV. I like it.

And let's include having kids in there as well.
people still watch tv? get with the times grandpa
Actually, I watched it on Netflix. But I'm going to continue to just call it all "TV", since that is ultimately what I end up viewing it on.
I dont know about either show can some one give a brief summary :D
+Marissa Clark Firely : Wagon Train in Space Written by Joss Whedon. Jersey Shore : No wagon Train, No Space. No Class. - Simple! :)
Why did they take away the wagon train in space WHYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
never heard of firefly but I sure as hell know Jersey Shore is corrupting my cousins 2 girls :P
Firefly costs more money to produce, and received less viewership. Think to yourselves how many people know what Firefly is, and how many people actually know what Jersey Shore is. Alot of reality TV is garbage, but I don't think these shows were even competing for airtime, so I can't say the caparison is even valid. Compare it to the show that replaced it.
hahahaha i will kill them if i on him shoes hahaha
Hugo C
I don't want to live on this planet anymore!
LOL Jubel Early!!!! I loved that character. "Little man loved fire"
What's Jersey Shore? Seriously, never seen it.
Never seen it either. Images from it haunt me. Sometimes not having cable is the best thing in the world.
haha nice!
or more appropriately~ deff. not shiny... :-(
Rj Jo
and no it doesn't
Firefly was canceled before the first season was completed.
Firefly is an awesome video series.
All hope is not lost.

There is the potential to directly underwrite program costs and freely distribute HD video like Firefly over the Internet.

Example 2012 Superbowl halftime featuring Madonna had a small Bridgestone logo embedded (bug) on the entire video.

You can be sure that Madonna Super Bowl 2012 halftime show will be pirated and shared via Internet reaching tens of millions of users for many years to come.

Embedding a small but noticeable multi-national corporate logo throughout the video program can maximize an advertisers ROI way beyond a single network showing.
Guess Quality doesn't enter into the discussion
Regarding "regular" TV.... Stupidity sells!.... Sad.
I agree, Jersey shores sucks
i made this post yesterday:

Wo0t! One of the writers of the awesome TV show "Firefly"
and the lead Nathan Fillion as "Malcolm Reynolds"
are both planning to make a comeback!
Firefly will come back, one of the coolest of all time TV shows.
Shiny, eh?
I don't see Nathan Fillion leaving the Castle set anytime soon... I really like Castle - it is almost like the character was made just for Nathan Fillion.
The cancellation of Arrested Development was a greater tragedy, but, I know that feel bro.
Everyone posting to this thread likely owns Firefly/Serenity, who the hell is going to buy Jersey Shore. They know they have us. We'll bitch and moan till the cows come home, we'll buy everything that they put out in hopes that we'll get a Wash prequel or some such, but they'll won't give us what we want until the cast is much much older and they can relaunch the damn thing like they did with Star Trek.
i also don't get how, after all the "Save Firefly" campaigns and the like it still hasn't been saved. I mean, Jericho got saved by a fan-based movement, Terra Nova is being sold to another network by Fox to be brought back...WHY NOT THE BEST SHOW OF THOSE THREE?!
What's Firefly? (not trolling, lulz) I don't watch fake italian "reality" sitcoms. ^.^
I really miss firefly, it was a great show and jersey shore is stupid. thanks a lot fox!
Blargh! They were just getting going!!
If only Joss had busted out Christina Hendricks' ample attributes earlier in the season.
it goes to show what we actually are ...
I loved Serenity the movie. Very very good movie!
Compared to the show the movie kind of sucked, although it wasn't bad for what it was. The show was awesome, some of the best, smartest, sci-fi in a long time.
I've never heard people talking about Firefly and I have heard lots of people talking about Jersey Shore, so... Yes. That does seem right.
Find a crew, find a job, keep flying.
Firefly was freakin AWESOME!! There were some classic one liners in the series that were epic and yes I too can't believe that after 1 season they canned it.. not even after the entire season.. And you're (+John Wesche Wesche) Jersey Shore is in it's 5th year? How is that even.... logical
I miss firefly. I think I've watched the whole series 5-6 times now.
To be fair, no one watched Firefly when it was out. Ratings tend to help shows stay on longer
Firefly to this day is one of my favorite shows ever and if my memory serves me correctly, it was killed by American Idle...alone with many amazing shows.
And House is ended, last season this year. We' re getting out of smart and great shows.
I can't believe it was canceled... Who the heck cares about Jersey shore!
Fox promotes the the retardation of society. I won't watch anything on their network for that reason i to be honest I'm certain I'm better off.
Firefly was the best sci-fi show to hit the screen since the original Star Trek. Unfortunately, human beings have lost the ability to have attention spans. "oh yeah that dope with the greasy hair and spray on tan is trying to get laid again." I don't even need to turn on my tv to know that is taking place somewhere on this planet.
Nope, not right at all. Their trying to keep the population stupid and unimaginative! If I remember right, fox didn't even air the series in the correct order to begin with. Intentional fail?
Firefly; real actors very well done. Jersey Shore dumb asses for really dumb people
If TV companies keep pandering to lowest-common-denominator, that denominator falls even further.
Firefly was awesome!! Browncoats forever!!!!!
Hell no! Firefly = best show ever! 
I lost hope in humanity waaaaay before Jersey Shore came out.
this is precisely why democracy sucks. too many dumb people. You should have a license to vote.
put it back on, love the cast,and the plots were good
I had a dream where i had enough money to make firefly happen again.
Rob Go
Trainwrecks get numbers.
I feel ya on this one. Tragic what passes for entertainment.
I've stopped watching them altogether! They rarely close the series off properly... Stick to documentaries now!
What the hell is Jersey Shore? Seriously, I've never heard of it before. And while on the subject, aren't the guys who tried to cancel Community the same guys who canceled Firefly?
Dv hour
NOOOOO IT Was one of the greatest series of all time literally. I'm still in mourning
God forbid you watch something that stimulates imagination. It has been decided that it's best you stay stupid. Now excuse me while I get my Botox injection.
canceling firelfy was one of the worst decisions ever made. EVER!!
The world needs more Malcolm Reynolds and crew.
Best Sci Fi show that was cancelled after one very good season!
well lets look at it this way, people like shows that depict something fun regardless of how ignorantly the people look at life to do it. whereas a show that actually has creativity imagination good characters and most importantly a great storyline gets flushed because it simply isnt as much fun as watching people get drunk and act like idiots. this is the world we live in today. tv will eventually turn into a justin beiber lindsey lohan reality shows and the people who actually appreciate intelligent shows will slowly be ignored more and more.
It's in the same ballpark as right, not even in the same state!!!!
Well .... Here I am.
... wait .... what's that ... Snooki's due date is 12/21 .... maybe I'm better off out here .
Crowd funding is the answer. Joss meets and we're away.
nothing in this world seems right anymore, i dont want to live on this planet.
Joss has repeatedly said he is done and has moved on.
makes you wonder what this world is comeing to, when a program shows some thought and intelligance behind it the majority of people wont watch ,they would rather have some bubblegum for their brain instead go figure !
Leo T
Don't hate, appreciate!
Jersey Shore, the new argument for legalizing weed.
Pray to God that Nathan Fillion isn't the father.
Its a shame really firefly was such a good series. :/
Unless Snooki becomes a spaceship. Then it might improve.
Might explain the current level of discourse. 
I miss that Space-Western terribly. What were they thinking to cancel it?
So you folks who keep saying "What is Firefly?" ... do you know what wikipedia is???
Firefly was awesome and it still puzzles me to this day to why it was canceled....
We have a Situation! Jersey shore is cool
People who fly around in starships should not be allowed to ride horses unless they are bald like Captain Picard. That is one of the rules of television science fiction. And he mostly road virtual horses on the holodeck.
The hell is a firefly? I used to catch them and put em in a jar. Although, I wish I could put the jersey Shore in a jar. And flush it down the jersey toilet. Isn't firefly a song by owl? Why did they name themselves owl? Maybe they saw the fireflies at night. Cause they are owls. Owls reminds me of Hooters.
Firefly was awesome. I agree with a previous comment that the River story line bothered me a bit, until I watched Serenity and she was a lot more bad ass and a lot less cliche. I hope one day they bring it back.
I doubt it, though. Television has been reduced down to reality tv. Although I enjoy certain ones where I actually learn things (like Pawn Stars,) I can't stand the trashy ones that some how season after season draw people in (Jersey Shore, Bad Girls Club.)
Perhaps they'll find a way to create a sci-fi reality show. ;)
If more people like you lovers of Firefly also really liked and watched the show as much as and as many or more people than people like Jersey Shore then it wouldn't be cancelled. Simple as that.
It's terrible. It just goes to show that there are more brain-dead morons out there than there are intelligent people who appreciate creativity and story lines. It's pathetic, really. Great shows are being cancelled all the time and filling up their place are these worthless "reality" shows focusing on the slimy bottom-feeders of the human race. I despise all who support that garbage.
For whatever reason, people like trainwrecks. I personally wouldn't waste my time watching one second of that crap show following greased up gutter slugs. And who in the hell would sell their soul to knock up that tubby little hog. Booooo!
They're cancelling Jersey shore? Nooooooo. It's not fare.
I watched part of one Jersy Shore episode and I think I lost 10 IQ points at least!
People I know watch Jersey Shore for the LOLZ
There are many great TV shows that were canceled after only one season (Studio 60, Dark Skies and Flash Forward to name but a few) while other crappy ones go on for years. TV execs are morons when it comes to choosing which shows to cancel.
I've never been a fan of "reality" television. I live in reality, experience it daily. If I want "reality," I can find it at work/church/the store.

When I turn on the TV, I want to see actual talent, skilled performers. I don't want to see a bunch of people who have been psychologically profiled and thrown together in the most volatile combination possible, to cause the greatest strife.
Whatever people watch gets to stay on the air.
The majority of these reality shoes are taking low class people with no skills and making them into stars..........I assume because it is cheaper than actually paying someone who can act!! So now you can watch TV and find more trash than you can at the dump or treatment center!!
Are you lot still bitching about the inability of Americans to display taste or understand subtle humour? Come on people! If you don't like a show (careful; intelligent idea coming) TURN OFF THE SHOW, simple ain't it!
And further to my previous, who cares enough to waste their time thinking about no talent fools living a fantasy?By the way, that's you fool.
It has nothing to do with execs intelligence, rather what intel. is provided to them. They usually have ppl doing research on the market to try and find a show that will make them money for a long while rather then short term. While I agree that firefly is a great series that deserved more, my personal thoughts of the series may have fallen short of the larger masses. It is the masses that lack intellect, the exec are only looking for ways to cash into that. Sci-Fi isn't exactly the top genre of any medium.
If it was still in syndication do you think the Discovery Science channel would have picked it up to rebroadcast in 1080i. My friend has the whole series on DVD. Rumor is that it was not renewed because it cost to much to do the quality effects, mostly Green Screen production.

And to build the sets in reality it may have cost 4 to 7 times the cost it did. It has been said NBC is hoping to find another Star Trek like series. The real answer is Star Trek was a one time event in history that depends on it's placement in time so unless time travel happens that hope is a dream. Star Trek was even a before the movie 2001 event. and even the moon landing.
...evil plot to destroy world and raise C'thulhu!
One must never forget...
I hate that show Jersey Shore. For Christ sake Snookie is from upstate New York . Half those so called Guido's as they call them self are not even Italian.
I loved Firefly. So sad it got cancelled.
It is alwais nice to have new friends!
People, it's very simple. TV shows are on so advertisers can run their commercials, and sell their wares. If a show has an too few viewers, and then doesn't generate adequate revenue, it gets cancelled. Quality has nothing to do with it, hence this explains "Jersey Shore". The masses have a taste for shit.
It was a good show. It's almost axiomatic that, "the masses won't get it." Only rarely do the two coincide. American Idol or Jersey Shore, anyone?
I still watch the Firefly series on BluRay every 5-6 months and watch Serenity every now and then - great film. It's not just a pity Firefly got cancelled, it was an example of poor management decision-making by an overpaid under-performer. People grow out of the reality tv shows, but don't grow out of being entertained with quality stories written by intelligent minds.
I don't understand why JS piece of garbage is so popular and still on. I'm so piss off like this show and terra nova been canceled and those are really good to see. Look like is a lot of people don't have class, education and good manners 2 me.
It's easy, the trend now is reality shows that are full-on retarded.
Not to mention the low budget of production and shooting white trash drink and do stupid stuff compared to quality writers and actors. Firefly was also (and still is) one of my all time favorite shows, all twelve episodes.
We need a reality show based on the adventures of people int he international space station, that surely would please everyone?
firefly sucked...jersey shore is stupid but entertaining. what do you expect?
Early's character alone shows how superior Firefly was to most everything out there today...
Rudy M
Firefly was awesome. Bring it back. Don't worry about what was already revealed in the movie or about which characters have already died. Pick it up where it was left off. I'll watch for sure and I'll forgive the discontinuity and inexplicable aging of the characters. :)
Would have love to seen this show go into it's fifth season
It shows how braindead our grandchildren will be...
hell no firefly is so much better then snookies ass!
It really doesn't...I thought only in my country these things happened! God!!!
That is because the common idiot does not watch the entertaining shows. They watch what speaks to them.
Yes, it seems right. Just look around. This is the mighty 'merica!
Boo! That's not even close to being right... But on the other hand, it left Joss free to try his hand at directing The Avengers... so... I guess its not all bad.
+John Wesche , have you followed up on all the comments from all the shares of this meme? You really started something here ... and that's a GOOD thing! :)
LOL @ +John Wesche , That would keep you busy for quite a while! One person shared to "our circle" has +163, 50 shares and 57 comments. Keep up the good work, glad to have you in my circles. :)
nope... thats all I have to say about it
After Firefly I watched Dollhouse just because it was the next thing Joss Wheadon did. And it was truly awesome. The guy does some creative sh$t. Anyone know if he's done anything since??
No one cares about scifi not matter how good the show it. Quite sad how our society is.
We so agree ... Not right at all!!! :-/
No! It is horse shit!

However we are talking two different networks here. After all the only good show on MTV is Death Valley.
i think we should make a petition & get a max of signature to ask for return of fire fly on the littel or big screen !
Buy the DVD containing the "Entire First Season". It contains episodes that never aired ... and it shows positive support for the show.
thanks all never had something get so many shares and +1's
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