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John Weldon
Software Developer and Consultant, Father, Husband
Software Developer and Consultant, Father, Husband

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Just got my copy... 

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Cute kids. I can't help that they're mine. 
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Rick and his team have worked hard to get this update out.  Congratulations!
Really big update to the website today. Weeks of hard work from the team and the site includes a number of great improvements.

- The Juju docs are now relocated and searchable as part of the new site.
- A new community page where we'll be building off a suite of community information and tools.
- A big set of performance improvements from the original launch including better cache headers, improved use of the back end api, and minimized requests across the board.

I have to say the team kicked butt getting this set of improvements out and it'll only get better from here.

Long live the new home of Juju!

/me is also testing out the Google plus sharing improvements, gotta love pretty pics from the metadata. 

#juj  #jujucharms  #uiengineering  

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Who wants to be my golang buddy! :-)
Do you and your best friend both enjoy Golang, and feel like working on free software in a test of distributed pair programming, as a contract with the potential of full time employment?

Outstanding minds only, you know how to find me here!

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Touching story; great article.

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Fun guys night out. 

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