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This is a circle devoted to people who like to read. We do two things:

1. Recommend good books to one another.
2. Inform members about any promotions that will allow them to purchase books (or ebooks) at discounted rates or for free.

This is a circle for people who love to read and are looking for the next great book. Please share this circle with any person (or group) who loves to read.

If you'd like to be in this circle, just leave a comment (or +1 this post) asking to join and I'll add you.

#reading #book #ebooks
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+Fulvio Gerardi, I'd love for him to join, but I want to make sure that we only include people who actually want to be in the circle. So, I've only added members who have expressed an interest. That being said, +Alex Grossman, if you'd like to be in the circle, just let me know. I'd love to have you.
Sounds like a fun circle. I've added to my own circles!
I've added you to the group. Thanks!
Hi Alex! I've added you to the circle and I've joined your Book Lovers Circle as well. Thanks.
Mind if I share this post with my greater circles? I think there's several who would like to be involved! :)
+Gwen Perkins Please share it with everyone. The more people we can get to join, the more recommendations we'll be able to find. Thanks.
+Larissa Hammond Thanks. You're in. Feel free to share this circle (or post) with anyone you think would be interested.
+James Allen and +Kate Savage you're both in. I've posted recommendations about the three books I'm currently reading and a link to a free book (until tomorrow). You may need to go back on my page a bit to see the posts.
I would like to be in the circle.. please. I just shared your post, with a comment and link back to this post :)
I'll join ^_^. Reading is so much fun, writing is too!
would you please add mine and +Steven Spence page? +Suggested Reading - Fiction if you like. We are trying to get as many people as possible to give us reviews to post, so people will have an easy place to see what others think of books they have read..
+Connie York +Kenken Clarin +Edward Radford +David Grigg I've added all of you to the circle. If you go to my page, you'll be able to see my current recommendations for the three books I'm reading. Feel free to share your own recommendations with the circle as well.
+Summer Daniels Oh. Sorry about that. I thought you had asked to join. I'm glad that this is a circle that interests you. I'm trying to only add people who have actually asked to join the circle.
I'm sorry +John Ward I put the link back to here, but people are plus 1 ing the other post..
+Kathy Morlock Thanks I have been away from the keyboard all day (though I have been teaching the Kindle some new tricks)

There are a number of Buzzly people out here who I have also found on - have you gone there? ?
+John Baker I'm a member of GoodReads, but I haven't tried promoting the circle there. If you know people there who are members of Google+ feel free to point them to my original post if they'd like to join the circle as well.
I added him to my circle +John Ward cause I just saw the post come back to my notifications
Yes, please add me. I'm a big reader, and hoping to read 50 books this year - if I do, it'll be a record for me. What do y'all like to read? For me, it's a combination of non-fiction, SF, Lit Fic, New Weird, and I'm making a few tentative steps into Fantasy. :-)
I love to read and review books regularly you can add me if you like
I am in; I've added this circle to my existing reading circle for grins as well.  For what it's worth there are a number of PlusTopians over on as well.  It's a pretty decent method for tracking one's reading and it also plays well with Calibre library software.
Books are my passion as well as my business
John, I'd like to be included in he circle, please.
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