Saturday Scenes

One of thing I love about Google+ is the themed days defined and united by their varied hashtags. Whether it's #caturday or any of the trending topics that pop up from time to time, these days help unite this platform in a special way.

Recently, I was thinking that writers don't really have a shared hashtag that we all use. I'd like to change that. 

I hope you'll help.

Starting this Saturday, May 3rd, writers from all over Google+ will be sharing their work under the shared hashtag #SaturdayScenes

If you are a writer, I hope that you will join us. You can create something brand new or use something that has already been written. It doesn't matter if it's been published or hidden in a drawer. This Saturday is devoted to sharing your work with the world.

If you are a reader, I hope that you'll click on the hashtag and read the pieces that are shared. More than that, I hope you'll take time to comment and let the author know what you think about the work.

Please, Please help spread the word about this. Post it in writing communities, re-share it to your personal profiles, tag writers or readers into this post. Let's get the word out and start a movement.

The Only Requirement

You HAVE to use the shared hashtag #SaturdayScenes to be included in the day. If you don't include that hashtag with your post, people will not be able to find your material. 

If you forget to include it, you can go back and edit your existing post.

Recommended Practices

There are no rules. You can share a short piece or a long piece. You can post the entire piece directly on Google+ or you can post a link to a work that is hosted on your blog. You can excerpt or share the entire work. It's up to you.

However, I do urge you to consider your readers. Try to create and format your post so that it is easily read. Here are some guildelines that I will be following. You are free to do things differently, if you like.

1. I'll be sharing my work directly on G+ and archiving it on a blog, but readers will be able to experience my entire piece without ever leaving this site. 

2. I'll be limiting the work I share to 1500 words or less. 

3. I will be using the shared graphic (attached below) that includes the hashtag. Want to use a different graphic? That's great! Just please also include the hashtag with that image.

4. I'll be using a secondary hashtag that is unique to me. That way, if someone really enjoys my writing they will be able to click that hashtag to find all of the posts written by me for this event.

5. I'll be using a genre hashtag to identify the genre of the work that I share to the my personal profile.

That's it. Good luck and have fun!

Update: We've set up a private community for people who participate in  #SaturdayScenes  The community is located here:
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