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John Ward
I paint. I write. I enjoy meeting new people on Google+, participating in their conversations and learning what makes them special. Here are the topics about which I post most frequently: Silly things that have made me laugh, Books I've enjoyed, Writing, Self-Publishing, Comics, Art/Illustration, and Movies/TV Shows.
I paint. I write. I enjoy meeting new people on Google+, participating in their conversations and learning what makes them special. Here are the topics about which I post most frequently: Silly things that have made me laugh, Books I've enjoyed, Writing, Self-Publishing, Comics, Art/Illustration, and Movies/TV Shows.


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Isaac is a good guy and needs your help if possible.
The hospital bills are starting to show up, and that brings it home more than ever that the help people have donated through the GoFundMe page my family set up is really going to be what helps my family survive financially through this whole ordeal.

If it's possible for you to donate and assist, you have my eternal gratitude, because I honestly don't know what we would've done otherwise. If you've already donated, THANK YOU AGAIN, and if you could perhaps reshare this link for others to see, that would be amazingly helpful as well.

As the old Bartles & James wine cooler ads used to say, "thank you for your support."
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It's funny and odd how internet friends can become close. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about +Isaac Sher because he recently had brain surgery. Last night, I had a dream about him. I've never met Isaac in real life and have only interacted with him online, but somehow he's managed to wiggle his way into my subconscious.

In my dream, I drove up to Chicago to visit Isaac. For some reason, the role of Isaac's mom was played by an overbearing Korean woman. His sister was Korean as well. The sister-figure was rebellion waiting to happen. She was in her early 20's and just starting to push the strict boundaries her parents had placed on her. +Curt Thompson looked exactly like his Dr. Smith avatar and played a saxophone.

The way the dream played out was that I pulled up to Isaac's home, went in to find Curt standing in the middle of living room where he played a saxophone. Isaac's wife, +Gretchen Sher and their son sat on a comfortable looking couch and listened while Curt wailed some 80's tune on the brass instrument. Can you wail on a saxophone? Regardless, the man was getting with it.

Everyone piled into my car and we all drove to the hospital to pick up Isaac. When we arrived at the hospital, Isaac, his mom, and sister were standing on the curb waiting. Somehow, everyone managed to squeeze into my Subaru Outback and off we went.

I'm not sure where we were supposed to be going, but I kept trying to remember how to get to the corner of North and Division because back in the early 90's there was a great burrito shop in that area that made some great food. I wanted to hit it up before I headed back home.

Then, I woke up.

Isaac's family has put together a GoFundMe page to help cover the large deductible he and his family face. I'm sure there are other financial issues facing the family. It'll be some time before he's able to resume working. Christmas is coming up and he has a young son. If you'd like to contribute to help out this family, the link is below.
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+Edward Morbius really deserves a lot of credit and gratitude for the work he has done (and is doing) to help ensure people are able to stay in touch with the virtual contacts they’ve made on G+.

He has a lot of moderators and people who are involved behind the scenes who help him as well. Each of them deserve praise and credit. Unfortunately, I don’t know all of their names, but if you’re out there and reading this, thank you.
/r/Plexodus: Google+ Exodus Subreddit

Your home away from home away from home.

This is not your final destination.

It can be an information-exchange hub (one of many) to help you find that.

We're not going to tell you or your group where to go, or when, or how. We will try to provide guidance, information, cautions, and suggestions, on how to get there....

Oops, I did it again
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Help Getting Started on MeWe

+Rick Wayne started a group on MeWe devoted to helping new people find those who share their interests. It's also a great way to reconnect with former Plussers who have made the leap to that platform. The group is exploding right now. They've grown to over 300 members in right at 24 hours or so. So, if you're already a MeWe member looking to meet other people or if you have been thinking about joining the network, Rick's group is one of the first stops you should make.

If you like, feel free to write an introduction in that group to tell people more about yourself and link to your profile. If you struggle with anxiety and can't handle putting yourself out there like that, feel free to look through the membership list for names of people you already know or read other people's introductions and connect with those who have shared interests.

Everyone I've met there has been friendly. Give it a shot. You may like it. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up either here or over there. Getting started over there may seem daunting, but I hope Rick's group can ameliorate some of those issues and make you feel at home.

Please feel free to re-share this post to anyone you know who may be interested.
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If you’re thinking about migrating as much of your online presence as possible away from Google products, here are some alternatives. The sites listed here range from crowd-run, open source platforms up to paid solutions.
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+Edward Morbius has shared a document that can be edited by users as we try to define what we want out of social media. This type of information could then be presented to developers. If you have strong feelings on this issue give his document a look and express your concerns.

There are numerous opportunities presented by the sunsetting of Google+, and the exodus community has significant power if we are willing to wield it.

Sites and protocols will be competing for the community at large and significant members. There's been heated discussion on both Free Software and proprietary platforms as to what features or development are desired by G+ members, and some prospects that these will be delivered on....

This is a Wiki article. The world is our oyster, and this page can be improved and edited by you to clearly state what it is we want and what opportunities are open to us.

Which is another opportunity presented.

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This sounds promising.
Hey everyone, my name is Mark Weinstein. I am the founder of MeWe. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, (inventor of the Web) is an important MeWe Advisor.

MeWe is social done right. We're here to serve you, not sell you.

We welcome and invite all G+ members to join and enjoy MeWe (available on iOS, Android, and Desktop, in 8 languages).

MeWe is the first social network with all the features people love and a Privacy Bill of Rights for members. No ads. No spyware. No political bias. No shadow banning. No Russians paying to show you fake news. No newsfeed manipulation. No facial recognition. No BS.

My BBC interview on June 14:

1-minute video:
Privacy Bill of Rights:
Advisory Board:
Founder Bio:

We've won nice awards including SXSW Start-Up of the Year Finalist and will be the first social network to implement Tim's "Solid" protocol giving MeWe members total control of their data.

Cheers, Mark

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Look! +John Lewis and +Edward Morbius made the news and spoke the truth about Google.
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I'm also looking into MeWe as an alternative to G+. If you're over there, you can add me here:
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In light of news about Google's decision to close G+, I've joined Pluspora. It feels like early G+ over there and the site offers many of the same features. I hope you'll join me over there as well. You can find my profile here:
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