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What a jerk. He tries to make a point and he fails miserably. Kudos to the Chick-a-Fila employee.
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What an idiot. Give that girl a bonus for poise under pressure.
I like that gal. I vaguely recall that I had a girlfriend much like her. What do you think, +John White? 
The video shows him reaching for the free water with one hand. Since we never see the other one it must be Adam Smith's Invisible Hand. I wonder what this wanker was doing with that hand...?

Oh, right: presenting a lesson in market forces.

Kudos to the young lady behind the counter for meeting and exceeding Hemingway's definition of courage. And kudos to Adam Smith's management for firing the jerk.
I like the end where he keeps insisting he isn't gay.
Never mind Biblical principles, LGBT issues, free water or self-important prats with a video camera harassing drive-through employees. Something should be done about the mangling of the English language! What this company sells is adulterated chicken fillet. Chick-a-Fil-A sounds like the way in which a two-year old with a speech impediment attempting a French inflection on only the last syllable might say it.
Most of my jobs I've had I found something I didn't like about them.  +John Walkenbach 's girl friend was very nice.
The young lady stayed cool under pressure? - its not as if the guy was really ranting at her. He was being a Cock, but wasn't really causing distress.
And even if posting this was the actions of a self important ass - did it really cause that much embarrassment to his company that he had to step down.

Wow - are we becoming so thin skinned that this mild mannered almost apologetic 'rant' would lead to financial loss for the individual, because it may have caused financial loss to his employer - due to association?

What next - capital punishment for hitting the reply to all button by mistake? People need to grow a spine.
Oh - I have just been asked to leave my job, because my post above has caused too much embarrassed to my employer - The national trust for spinal injuries - apparently saying 'grow a spine' is offensive to some people who don't have spines.
My Bad!
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