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"As a European this is how I imagine Americans have breakfast."
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The trouble with this is that for a right-handed person the gun should be flipped over. As is is, you can't grab it quickly because you have to get your hand under the grip to hold it properly.
I usually have three eggs. And where are the hash browns?
Just Ed
Too much bread.
I usually add frothed milk to my coffee and I'm gonna need some jam. Otherwise, spot-on.
Good point. The book of LevEATicus is relevant.
Good point, +Steve Schuller. A few tenths of a second could be important. That's a mighty big pile of bacon. It would be a shame if someone tried to take some of it. 
Nobody is taking my bacon with that gun laying there!
I prefer hammer and eggs...and a shot of espresso.
Forget the hashbrowns, I need me some grits!.
gun is too small and, as pointed out, is lying on the wrong side.
who really uses that horrible powdered shit in their coffee? (yes, I can tell from the color, actually.)
didn't do a very good job on the toast buttering. (and judging strictly by the coffee adulteration, it's probably margarine.)
egg looks OK, but I usually like it fried a bit harder.
bacon seems to be about right.

in fine, fuck what the European thinks about my breakfast. he/she is wrong.

course, that whole 'being wrong' thing hasn't stopped great swathes of them from hitting the web and telling us how we should act and think, so I guess it's all moot.
OK Howlin', now tell us what you really  think. 

Can't believe anyone would eat eggs fried more than that one! I'd send it back and ask for one that wasn't burnt.
Breakfast around here is usually some eggs, beans with green chile, and a fresh home-made tortilla to slop it up with. If we're lucky, we get warm 'atole', yum.
The coffee should be black, and the cup much bigger.  And, I prefer 3 eggs scrambled with cheese and (more) bacon.
Hell fire!  That ain't nar enuff bacon for a reel Americun!  Wars the biscuts and grivy????  Well doggeee, I do like my eggs cooked in Smith and Wesson oil!!!!!
actually I thought my comment about the egg was on the mild side.
Sides, I don't sees a spoon standin' nup in that coffee, so I knows it tain't nears strong nuff.
Where's the greeze from the bacon?  Nuttin like a warm glass o' bacon greeze to round out a mornin'.
If that was a real American breakfast the clip in that gun would be as long as my forearm. 
+John Walkenbach as a European why don't you take your opinion and shove it up your ass. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸
Oh my, just noticed them girly lookin' plates, you'd a be pryin' my cold dead fingers from that gun, before you'd catch me a eatin' from that china!!!
Not enough fat on that bacon, too much cream in that coffee. 
I don't know anyone who has 3 pieces of toast for breakfast.  That amount of carbs is unhealthy
Gale Parman seems to be a God-loving Christian. That might explain why she doesn't "get" this post. Christians aren't the most intelligent people on earth.
Yup, if you aren't smart enough to understand or aren't willing to WORK to understand science (the way the world operates) take the easy way, go for religion, nothing to figure out, just believe what you read and are told.
boy, I misread her post entirely. I thought that she was saying she was a European and, further, that she was reacting to my comments thinking J-Walk had posted them.

I mean, it's fine if J-Walk takes heat for his own stuff, but I was feeling bad thinking he was catching the crap because of something I'd said.

side note: 'Smith and Wesson' oil is a good one indeed.
I copied Gale's comment she made here, and pasted it as a comment to one of her posts. And now she's banned me! Yet another Christian hypocrite. 
I can't understand why she thinks you are a Christian.
Anyone I ever knew who proclaimed to be a Christian to the world always ended up being the complete opposite. Every single time. Take my married neighbor who goes to church with his Bible, and wife, in hand. He screwed my other neighbor's wife. Multiple times. And won't stop pursuing her. Need I say more?
Sorry that can't be a American breakfast, that looks like wheat bread. No self respecting American would eat wheat bread.
Sig-Sauer isn't a gun Americans would purchase normally...and I eat WHEAT BREAD!
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