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Fake history

George Bush remotely piloted the planes into the WTC while reading Mein Kampf to 4th graders.

Plato invented the plate.

Noah's Ark was actually a spaceship that carried the human race from Mars to Earth. Mars is 6000 years old.

During a 9-month strike in 2002, the Weather Channel broadcast reruns.

Abraham Lincoln loved to play beer pong. Also, he carried his pet kitten, with him under his hat, everywhere he went.
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I've got a Facebook friend who is a 9-11 truther and Ron Paul supporter. I don't get it. "I think that the US Government and a global conspiracy launched an attack on the WTC that killed 3000 civilians to justify launching a fake war on terrorism (I guess for oil, or to justify invasive civilian monitoring and erosion of liberty) - but they'll let us elect Ron Paul and he'll fix everything." It is scary how many people believe this.
Given the superficial 911 investigation, it's hard to know what believe.
The truth or not of it doesn't matter. The point is, if you believe the one thing, how can you believe that a democratic election could fix the problem? If our government conspired to fake an attack and bring down the WTC in a series of controlled implosions and then cover it up after the fact - do you think your VOTE really counts in a world where that could happen? If the truthers are right about the one, then the other is a sham.
Good point. But I don't vote anymore, so it's not my problem. It's all a sham.
Plato was downgraded to a dwarf planet.
Mrs. Lincoln asked the theater for a refund.
And wanted her dry cleaning expenses to be covered.
She felt it was a no brainer.
Strangely, John, I do not vote any more, either, for the same reason. Troubling that two individuals with such widely different perspectives would come to the same conclusions and solution on this particular matter.
I wouldn't call it troubling. You probably hate advertising and marketing manipulation as much as I do. That's probably a key predictor of our commonality.
The fallacy in voting is that none of us can actually vote directly in the decisions that shape our world. Our "vote' is simply a granting of our proxy to some individual who can actually vote. How they exercise that vote then becomes a matter of trust that is rarely reciprocated. There is an obvious answer to this problem, but people round here are sick of me pushing it !
The troubling thing is that the disenfranchising aspects of modern politics are so apparent that they're losing the interest of the deeper thinkers on each end of the political spectrum. That doesn't bode well for the voice that remains to be heard.

+Greg Batten I'm really not a big proponent of any kind of direct democracy. I believe that the more direct our democracy has become since our independence, the more negative unintended consequences we've experienced. A well managed representative republic works well. A direct democracy becomes the tyranny of the majority. This is why Rock The Vote and other "Get Out The Ignorant Voter" causes have become so popular in modern politics. It turns it into an "Our Side vs. Your Side" game like a sports competition. We just want the stadiums filled with people wearing our team colors. We don't care if they're soccer hooligans or informed and educated, as long as they can out-shout your team. The more broad we make the electorate, the less informed that body will be. Not a popular opinion - I understand.
Believe it or not, the creation of the universe (and space itself, which is ongoing) began in a singular incident some fourteen and a half billion years ago, and God is responsible.
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