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How often do you pandiculate?
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Not often. It's usually not so much an overall thing for me - more of a local diculation.
Not often enough. I get up after a several hour flight, and have a hard time standing. Need to do this more.
You should get a remote so you can walk around the plane while you fly it.
Used to get up more often, leaving the plane in the hands of the remote (co-pilot). Now we're locked into that little closet at the front of the plane.

Had one guy die of pulmonary embolism so far.
I wish! I can't even stand up straight. One of the flight attendants suggested gravity boots, last week, but my head and shoulders would be on the floor.
I pandiculated a lot today. Pilates! Wow!
I do this sort of stretching regularly for my arthritis. When I do it in the chair at my desk, I call it chair-robics.
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