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Perfect face finally found

That would be "too perfect" for my tastes.
Science suggests 18-year-old Florence Colgate just might be. The ratio of the distance between her ears to the distance between her pupils is nearly 2:1 —
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What's that little hole in her lips? Does she always drink through a straw?
Evolution, at work. Blondes who successfully drank through a straw had more sex partners.
Can she cook? Clean? Does Daddy own a brewery?
I'm not so sure she's perfect. But she is pretty.
She might not be the most beautiful woman around, but as we Aussies say .. "she'll do 'till we find one" !
Personally, I think you'd round up a dozen competitors in most Australian towns .. but then, I'm biased.
Beautiful innocence. There is so much beauty in a face that has experienced the vagaries of life.
Pretty, but my old high school yearbook is full of prettier girls.
+Greg Batten you may be right, but you can also find 10 of the scariest dags in the world on most Ausie towns as well.
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