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Goodbye Tombstone?

No water could mean the end of regularly scheduled gunfights for tourists.
The city of Tombstone, Arizona, has lost the first round in its showdown with the federal government over water. U.S. District Judge Frank Zapata this week shot down Tombstone’s request for an emergen...
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So what's the deal? It sounds like all they need to do is file additional info to get a permit.
I thought Frank Zappa was dead?
This is ridiculous. I don't much like Tombstone, but they built this pipeline in the 1880s. It is their property, an inholding inside what is now the wilderness area. They were grandfathered in, own the land. They can fix their pipeline and the associated springs, and don't need anyone's permission...least of all a Federal Judge.
Whut ya gots agin Tombstone there, feller?
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