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I posted a comment here, but it was deleted after about 10 seconds. I wrote:

Nice spin, Microsoft. Because your absurd "one licence per computer" was in effect for Office 2010, that makes it perfectly acceptable for Office 2013? Why don't you just come right out and say it: "We want you to SUBSCRIBE to Office, and every other option we offer sucks."
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Now I'm thinking the comment was deleted because of an algorithm that doesn't like the word "sucks." I reposted it without that word, and it hasn't been deleted. 
Shouldn't there be a discount for multiple PC's like anti virus software?
Maybe there is and I am ignorant but MS office costs an insane  fortune. 
My previous comment should just say "sucks."
I've posted a few more comments to that thread. Some of them survived, and some of them didn't. I learned a lesson: Don't bother posting comments to a Microsoft blog. 
I might suppose they don't want to hear from someone that might actually knows what they are talking about.
I've been using OpenOffice for years, never had a problem with it. With all the other options out there, it's amazing MS isn't making its product more reasonably-priced.
Mine was removed as well...not before I copied it though...

Jevon, your attempt at putting a positive spin a very negative and onerous change to the Office 2013 licensing is insulting. The licensing changes are ridiculous and anti-customer friendly. In who's mind does it make it sense to permanently attach a license to a computer, instead of a to a user. Even to the extent of if I buy a new computer I have to buy new licenses of software?! WTF? A lot of people are like me and buy new hardware every year. 

Do media companies lock a DVD I buy (license) to the first DVD player I install it on? No. Is the music I buy (license) tied permanently to the first device I play it on? No. Do other software companies lock their licenses permanently to a device. No. Complete and utter ridiculousness. 

Like all the other comments here, you have LOST a customer until and unless these draconian policies are changed. I will NOT be purchasing Office 2013, nor moving to the cloud (because based on these changes, Microsoft may decide to change those policies to something NOT friendly to me either). 

So, good luck hitting those sales numbers with these (in my opinion) idiotic policies. Have a good day.
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