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In case you somehow missed it, there were a ton of announcements yesterday from Apple — check out iMore's coverage for more on that — that may or may not have been of interest to you. But that's neither here nor there now, because we have a contest winner to announce!

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Interesting, and while it's a small gripe, it is true. Can anyone recommend me a good Android with 64bit processing?

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Well worth the time.
Or how a $3 piece of plastic can ruin your $600 phone The HTC One M8 is the third high-profile smartphone to use a nanoSIM. Unless you already use an iPhone 5 or later, or a Moto X, you probably don't have a nanoSIM. But this is the way forward, and eventually every phone will be using the new...

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Prepare yourselves, as it once again is time for the Greatest Android Podcast in the World! (Say it with a lot of reverb in your head.) Coming up this afternoon we'll have the lowdown on the new Amazon FireTV and see if it gets anyone to unplug their Chromecast. Plus we've got the Google Play...

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Wish I wasn't working.
The Greatest Android Podcast in the World makes yet another triumphant return this week, and we've got a lot to catch up on. We'll recap our favorite stuff from Mobile World Congress — the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit, Sony Xperia Z2, Nokia X and more — look ahead to HTC's event on March 25,...

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Browsing our recent photo contest at Android Central I came upon this awesome contest submission by AC member, marcsledjeski.

We always enjoy viewing all the contest submissions!  Thanks for participating everyone.

#awesome #startrek #enterprise #pizzacutter #androidcentral

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Great music 
What kind of magic is this?!

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Tryin somethin new ,brother. Anyone who shares my posts will be added to my circle brother HH

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Love this
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