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John Vivian

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John Vivian

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Sad to see that +Cenk Uygur still doesn't get it. He continues to conflate issues and mistake the likes of +Sam Harris with trolls and bigots
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John Vivian

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Two Colorado representatives upset fellow lawmakers this week when they presented a slideshow filled with racist images and slurs at a House Education Committee meeting. Democratic Reps. Joe Salazar and Jovan Melton presented the images in an effort ...
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John Vivian

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Is it legal to launch airstrikes against targets in Syria? Funny you should ask
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Owner of CrossFit Toronto and Primal Athletes : Fitness | Health
Professionally, i'm the co-founder of CrossFit Toronto and Primal Athletes.

Personally, i'm an information-hungry autodidact with a range of interests.

My posts generally fall into one of the following categories:
  • Fitness & training
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Atheism/Secular Humanism/Scepticism
  • Small business & entrepreneurship
Bragging rights
CrossFit Toronto was the first CrossFit gym in Eastern Canada and the second one in the country. Still figuring things out as i go!
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Great atmosphere, great selection on tap, great scotch selection, great food, and our young child has always been welcome to join us, even during busy times. We don't use a stroller, but understand the rational behind the policy. Highly recommended.
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