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John Tierney
A field archaeologist with a preference for community-led projects.
A field archaeologist with a preference for community-led projects.

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Headstone for Jacob The Frenchman in Ballybough

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Winning mental warfare

Keep the player focussed on what they are doing right.
But also focus on your opponents weakness  - individually each player must do this and collectively the team...


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"He never showed the slightest resentment when I published some of his ideas before he did. He told me that he avoided disputes about priority in science by following a simple rule: “Always give the bastards more credit than they deserve.” I have followed this rule myself. I find it remarkably effective for avoiding quarrels and making friends. A generous sharing of credit is the quickest way to build a healthy scientific community. "

F. Dyson quoting R Feynman


Nabokov on Ulysses

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Excellent tip combining front and back of historic photos

(Picasa, collage, multiple exposure)
Combining the Front and Back of a Photo when Digitizing (an Off-Topic, Superimposing Post)
Did you get my feeble attempt at a double entendre? (Heh, Heh.) Since a lot of genealogists and family archivists read this blog ( big thanks! ), I thought it might be worth passing along this little tip I stumbled upon this morning. While I have no doubt ...

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'The going rate for a kilogram of iron or steel at the local scrap metal merchants is about ten pence. You can get 50 pence for aluminium, and nearly £3 for copper.
At that rate, the hulking remnants of a 13 tonne armoured personnel carrier represents a healthy fortune.
"Give it a week, there will be nothing left," said a local police officer, surveying the scene with a certain distaste.'

Living in a war zone 2014

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WSJ Blog
Good structures
 Editors can do effective SEO (results on search engines) by including important keywords in the headline, deck and lead graf and by using in-line links to send readers to related content (internal or external). Google Trends is a useful tool to compare keywords’ effectiveness. Editors can also peruse Google News to see what keywords are working for competitors. –Natalie Osterling'
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