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Github Under Attack
Sean Carroll originally shared:
I use Github for science collaborations. China is trying to take it down, afraid of anti-censorship projects.
The attacks are designed to pressure the popular programming website Github to take down content censored by the Chinese government.
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The response is only complicated by because the .05% have investment in China and they apparently aren't allowed to make mistakes regardless of what it costs others. 
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John Thomas

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A great way to empower employees is to give them room to explore their interests. +Google is known for giving 20% time for side projects, but this isn’t just something for tech companies.

3M has actually offered employees 15% time for passion projects since 1948, resulting in products we take for granted today.

Any company can find similar ways to let employees take control of the company. The benefits for people’s happiness and creativity make it well worth trying. #workrules #google #innovation

Read more at:
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Rather simple really, a job is for low level employment. Simple business arrangements. Career should be a relationship between peers. 
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Mindfulness Proves Popular with Googlers

+Chade-Meng Tan's  "Search Inside Yourself" two-day course aims to "enlighten minds, open hearts, create world peace."
How one of Google's original engineers became a self-help guru, and why thousands are on waiting lists for his course.
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John Thomas

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Coding for Kids

Had great fun today coding with the kids at Chewton Primary School using the 'Hour of Code' resources on If you're a teacher and haven't checked this out yet, it's well worth heading over to and taking a look.
Coding is the new second language

Encourage the students in your life to explore the world of computer science. Learn more about our tutorial partnerships with +Khan Academy and +Codeacademy to help teach any and everyone how to code: #FutureCoders 
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That's a neat site for teaching coding. Thanks for pointing it out, I hadn't seen it before ☺
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John Thomas

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A Political Giant, PM Malcolm Fraser

No Australian Prime Minister ever came to power in such controversial circumstances, but Malcolm Fraser has finally left the stage admired as much, perhaps even more, by his former adversaries as his former allies. 

Like his political adversary and predecessor, Gough Whitlam, he stood out as a powerful advocate for indigenous Australians and for a multicultural Australia. Large scale Asian immigration to Australia began under his government. 

His resignation from the Liberal Party, because of its mistreatment of asylum seekers, arguing that it was now a conservative party that was "unrecognizable" as a liberal party, was cheered by opponents of Australia's refugee policies, including me. 

I was privileged to have him launch one of my company's award-winning multimedia products, a collaboration with the ABC based in part on Henry Reynold's work and the TV series of the same name, Frontier: Stories from White Australia's Forgotten War. This explored the largely untold story of the terrible violence visited on indigenous Australians by European settlement and was one of the shots fired in the so-called "History Wars".

It was, for Fraser, a subject about which too many Australian's remained ignorant, and he was happy to lend his name to bring attention to the launch of our product.
RIP Malcolm Fraser. Here's a timeline of some of the significant moments in his life.
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John Thomas

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March for Justice for Refugees

Swanston Street Melbourne 29 March 2015.
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Walk for Justice for Refugees

Big crowd gathering for Palm Sunday Rally: Walk for Justice for Refugees. #refugees #asylumseekers #auspolitics
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John Thomas

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Markets Don't Add Up ...

... sometimes, anyway. An interesting piece by Alex Tabarrok shared by Google Senior Fellow +Jeff Dean using the example of anomalies created in part by the high cost of water in California.
"In short, we are spending thousands of dollars worth of water to grow hundreds of dollars worth of almonds and that is truly nuts."
One of the most remarkable discoveries of economics is that under the right conditions competitive markets allocate production across firms in just that way that minimizes the total costs of production. (You can find a discussion of this remarkable property […]
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Wasting water is the worst thing that can happen! My project is about extracting pure water from sea water and I hope one day in future saving water will be part of our culture ...
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John Thomas

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Pasi Sahlberg Explains Finish School Reforms

Finland is redesigning its approach to teaching and learning. The reforms have resulted in some controversy. Some teachers see this a backward step while other teachers think that "breaking down the dominance of traditional subjects and isolation of teaching is an opportunity". Pasi Sahlberg explains in the piece linked below.
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John Thomas

Morality  - 
International Day of Happiness!

March 20 is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. I hope your day is a happy one. 

It seems to me that more and more people are recognising the obvious - not only does happiness matter, but it should be THE goal for ourselves and for others. What else matters if not our state of mind - avoiding suffering and promoting happiness? 

This insight drove the development of utilitarianism, a moral philosophy that, in the words of one of its leading proponents, Jeremy Bentham, holds that “it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong.”

Leading contemporary thinkers who self-describe themselves as utilitarians include Jacob M. Appel, Jonathan Baron, Lawrence Krauss, Ludvig Lindström, Jason Gaverick Matheny, Yew-Kwang Ng, Toby Ord, Steven Pinker, Torbjörn Tännsjö, and Peter Singer.

Religious moralists have been strong opponents of utilitarianism. Some cite Romans 3 : 8 as Biblical evidence against the theory.

“Or can we say—as some people slander us by claiming that we say—"Let's do evil that good may result"? They deserve to be condemned!” (ISV)

What do you think? Should promoting happiness be the guiding principle for ethics - happiness in whatever forms it may take? One person’s happiness may be another person’s suffering because our preferences differ, but shouldn't we all try to be happy in our own way and help others to do the same?
The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 20 March the International Day of Happiness recognizing the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings around the world and the importance of their recognition in public policy objectives.
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+John Thomas agreed-but concerning myself with the happiness of people that are not concerned with mine will not make me any happier either...everyone must row together for the boat to be going in the right direction..
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John Thomas

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My date tonight at the Theatre Royal, Castlemaine State Festival!
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John Thomas

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Sydney Google for Education Summit

NSW teachers, here's something worth putting in the diary.
The Draft schedule for the EdTechTeam Sydney GAFE Summit is up! Some great sessions there. If you were waiting to see the schedule before registering, go take a look... lots of good stuff!
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