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"Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Why would you be marrying somebody from another planet!?"

The words of an Irish taxi driver. It's not that he has anything against heterosexuals. He has an uncle who's one. He doesn't talk to him much these days because "he's a bit overpowering". 

It's silly, but this video makes a serious point. There are many silly countries, like my own Australia, where only straight people can get married. 

Worse still, there are many silly countries, including Malaysia and Singapore where I have family and friends, where homosexual activity is still illegal. It's an offence the Malaysian government found useful for silencing Anwar on what are probably trumped up charges. But if they are not trumped up, so what!? He still should not be in prison.

Change is often being held up by religious conservatives. In secular democracies they argue against gay marriage. In Muslim majority countries they argue against attempts to decriminalise homosexuality. What do you think about homosexuality? Is it sinful or, as the Catholic Church teaches, "disordered"? Should gays be prevented from marrying? Should they be put behind bars?
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+Ryan Evans Not babbling at all Ryan. I think you make a good point. Marriage isn't for everyone. I know people in long term committed relationships who aren't interested in marriage - religious or civil. Provided people understand the legal implications of entering into or not entering into a legal marriage, then either choice can make sense for them.
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John Thomas

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Vision, Authenticity, Passion ...

All the right words for a tech startup video spoof ...
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+John Jainschigg indeed... Pivot. I love it. ☺
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John Thomas

Australian Politics Discussion  - 
Sheridan thinks Australian refugee policy is "cutting edge"!?

I don't often link to pieces that I so profoundly disagree with, but this one from The Australian's Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan is so remarkable that I'm making an exception. He says, among other things, that "The events of the last week - the deaths in the Mediterranean and boat turnbacks by Malaysia and Indonesia - demonstrate that the Abbott government is no outlier in all this, it is at the cutting edge of effective policy and deep in the mainstream of national responses. ...Australia has an exemplary record on immigration and refugee issues."

It's sad that too many Australians, including our political leadership, seem to think like Sheridan. Malaysian and Thai authorities are turning back people in desperate need of assistance. If they are doing what Sheridan suggests and "looking at Australia’s policy success", then we Australians have a lot to answer for.
Illegal people movements, some boatpeople drowning at sea while others are turned away by navies of countries where they would like to land, calls to settle everyone who arrives drowned out by calls ;to distinguish refugees from economic migrants, righteous ­demands to smash people-smuggling, furious debate about sovereignty — in Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, these issues reached crisis point this week.
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John Thomas

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Microsoft Edge - A New Browser & An App

Goodbye Internet Explorer, hello Edge. As Ed Bott notes in this piece from ZDNet, the fact that Microsoft acknowledges that its new browser is an app is a marked departure from its days fighting antitrust arguments with the claim that Internet Explorer was an integral part of its operating system.
Summary:This week, Microsoft's browser developers made a startling announcement. As Internet Explorer rides off into the sunset, the company declared that its new Windows 10 browser, Edge, is an app. That's an enormous change from its antitrust arguments years ago.
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G+ notifications inop on Edge
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John Thomas

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Paraguay Judge Denies Abortion for Raped 10-Year Old

With abortion it can be difficult to know where to draw the line, but not this time. A 10-year-old, raped by her stepfather, has been denied an abortion by a judge in Paraguay.
Police have arrested the fugitive stepfather of a pregnant 10-year-old girl who has been denied an abortion by the Paraguay government.
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It is amazing that such craziness continue as a result of religion based beliefs. Do these people know or care about the adverse effects of pregnancy and delivery on a 10 year old? When we let ancient writings take precedence over science-based knowledge, this is what you get!
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John Thomas

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Disappointing News for Googling Teachers/Students

Reading Level has been removed from the Google Search filter.
This is really disappointing news...

I'm hoping that it's been removed to make way form something newer, better and more awesome, but I have no idea if I'm being overly optimistic or not.

What do you think +Suan Yeo ?
The reading level search filter feature has been removed by Google. This feature let you filter your content by basic, intermediate or advanced content.
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Increasing shareholder value by reducing product utility.
Someone needs to write a paper.
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John Thomas

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Well done Ireland! 

When will Australia catch up? When I was born you needed to be white if you wanted to immigrate to Australia. You still need to be straight if you want to get married here. Come on Australia! We can do better than this!
Opinion polls and high turnout in urban areas favored a yes vote on the referendum, which would make Ireland the first nation to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote.
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"Er, why is that better?" +Sabeer Abdulla​​​​

It's a simple utilitarian calculation. Remove unjustified discrimination against a group of people and the world becomes a happier place.

"Have you thought to improve the lives of those Aborigines ..."

Yes, we should strive to overcome Aboriginal disadvantage, but that is irrelevant to the OP. Removing discrimination against one group in society doesn't prevent us from removing discrimination against another.

You sound unsympathetic to the Irish result. Do you favor discrimination against gays?
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John Thomas

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Curious about Chromebooks?

If you are an educator interested in learning about Chromebooks in schools, then a hangout with +Blake Seufert​​ is a great place to start. Ditto if you are already using Chromebooks and want to pick up some finer points.
Save the date 11/6/15 at 4:30PM. The Ultimate Guide to Chromebooks by Blake Seufert. Register:
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Thanks Paul!  Look forward to seeing you there.
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John Thomas

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Collaboration Made Easy With #GAFE

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using Google Apps for Education is the way it makes collaboration so easy.
19 students + 3 unique goals = 1 big success, with help from #GAFE.

One teacher challenged her students to find a new way to collaborate and honor important women in history. Read her story:
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John Thomas

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Spider Spotted Today

Spider over $2 coin spotted in the forest this morning. I wonder what species it is.
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haha, still +100 for getting that close!...
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John Thomas

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Apple Watch Review

An impressive 7 minute video review of the Apple Watch by +Marques Brownlee. 
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Is there a model with magnifying lens including pin head finger tip cover
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John Thomas

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Google Classroom Keeps Getting Better

Easy to use, and with a growing feature list, Classroom continues to get regular updates from Google. One of the newer features I like most is the ability to add more than one teacher to a class - great for team teaching.
A year ago, Google marked Teacher Appreciation Week in the US by announcing the arrival of Google Classroom. Today, in celebration of the anniversary, Google is adding new features ...
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