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We nearly always skip the ads ...

... but sometimes something keeps us watching. Increasingly advertisers are using humor and brevity to get their message across before we hit skip. Today I was snared by one of Amaysim's clever ads featuring someone called David Hoff. :P
At amaysim, we believe life’s better without the hassles. We found someone who agrees with us – meet David Hoff – a man whose life was so consumed with hassle, he had to change his name. Lucky all you have to do is change your telco.
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Yeah, it's subtle but eye-catching and makes you wonder "why".
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John Thomas

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Can we trust "The Donald"?

It seems that he is not big on trust himself - especially when it comes to Mexicans, Syrian refugees, and now, black people. Perhaps he wouldn't be so frightened and distrustful if he got his facts straight. #politics #election2016
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and he is winning in the republican poll! Can you imagine him as a president? It will be a frightening america with him in charge and then how to get him out?
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John Thomas

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Attractive New Interface for Google+

The new interface on mobile and on desktop looks good and loads quickly, but some useful features have been removed. Mixed feelings.
Google has pulled back the curtain on a brand new Google+ experience and slapped a big ol'beta tag on it. What say you, followers? Sticking with classic… - Google Plus Daily - Google+
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I noticed and switched back to Classic for time being. :(
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Paris Attack: More Reason, Less Passion

Too often we allow ourselves to be driven by emotion rather than reason. Since Friday, people all over the web modified their profile pictures to incorporate the French Tricolor as a sign of solidarity with Parisians, yet, as many commentators pointed out, other parts of the world suffered far greater tragedies at the hands of Islamic extremists and received no comparable expression of sympathy.

The pictures of little Aylan Kurdi’s body on a Lesbos beach generated waves of sympathy across the world for Syrian refugees. That’s better than no sympathy, but why did the Syrian tragedy need to be personalised by the death of one innocent child before people began to change their perspective when thousands of innocent children had died already? And why is the death of an innocent child inherently more tragic than the death of an innocent adult?

Most human tragedies are not the result of terrorism. Natural disasters generate more tragedies than terrorism, and suffering caused by terrorism and natural disasters combined pale into insignificance next to the scale of tragedies caused by preventable poverty and disease. If we all gave a little of our discretionary income to effective charities like those identified by and, we’d do far more to reduce suffering than by spreading the pointless #PrayForParis hashtag. 

When it comes to terrorism, prayers won’t help, but action will. Increasing aid to refugees in countries neighbouring Syria and Iraq is a good place to start. Sending more troops to Syria and Iraq is not. President Obama explained succinctly on Friday why this would be a mistake:

“... it is not just my view but the view of my closest military and civilian advisors that that would be a mistake — not because our military could not march into Mosul or Raqqa or Ramadi and temporarily clear out ISIL, but because we would see a repetition of what we’ve seen before, which is, if you do not have local populations that are committed to inclusive governance and who are pushing back against ideological extremes, that they resurface — unless we’re prepared to have a permanent occupation of these countries.”

If we are going to overcome the primitive religious ideology of Islamic extremists, then we need to be gentle advocates for secular democracy and religious tolerance. We need to reject the Islamophobia that seeks to tar all Muslims with the same brush. The Quran may contain some violent verses advocating crucifixion and the amputation of limbs (Quran 5:33), but most modern Muslims ignore such verses in the same way most modern Christians ignore the many death penalties in the Old Testament and the New Testament’s commands that slaves obey their masters (Colossians 3:22) and women remain silent in Church (1 Corinthians 12:34). 

We shouldn’t judge religious people by the worst verses in their sacred texts. We should judge them by their actions. We should condemn the Paris attackers, but we should be careful not to alienate the millions of sensible Muslims who would no more kill a Parisian or amputate a thief's limbs than a Christian would execute someone who disobeys a priest (Deuteronomy 17:12), tell a slave to obey her master or insist that women remain silent in church.
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+Three Monkeys I'm sure the deeper thinkers among them suffer plenty of cognitive dissonance.
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John Thomas

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Microsoft Mobile App Porting Plans

Microsoft says it is committed to helping developers bring reworked iOS apps to Windows, but seems to have gone cold on doing the same for Android.
Microsoft unveiled some huge news back in April, pledging to allow developers to run reworked Android and iOS apps on Windows. While Microsoft is pushing ahead with its iOS porting tools, the...
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John Thomas

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The Threat of Right Wing Extremism

Victoria's Police Deputy Commissioner, Nick Kaldas, lists far-right extremism and associated marches and rallies that "encourage divisive notions of us and them" among the biggest challenges facing police. Recent months have seen worrying examples in Bendigo, not far from where I live, where multiple protests by extremists opposing the building of a local mosque have required a substantial police presence.
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Right wing extreme groups. These groups only gain traction when government acts irresponsibly. The solution is for government to not finance Islam and Muslims. Let the immigrants stand on their own feet. This will force integration into society instead of creating ghetto communities.

Is a radical Muslim one that follows the example of Mohammed totally? Fighting the world until it submits to Allah and the prophet. Enforcing Sharia and the Jizya. Some world surveys have numbers of 70% of Muslims want Sharia and 50% believe suicide bombers are okay.
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John Thomas

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Academics Send Message to Paris Climate Talks

More than 2,000 academics, in an open letter, urge leaders to limit warming to 1.5C, rather than current 2C target at Paris climate talks.

#climatechange #globalwarmng

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+John Thomas The thing to determine is our vision of reality getting closer to what is real.
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John Thomas

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How can clever people be so stupid!?

Cowardly and uncaring xenophobia seems to fit well with the parochial inward looking mindset of America’s Republican Presidential candidates and their supporters. So does irrational thinking across a host of other issues including climate change, public healthcare, gun control and the criminal justice system. I understand how stupid people might think like Donald Trump and Ben Carson, but how can clever people be so stupid!?

This piece by Nick O'Malley in the Sunday Age paints the sorry picture of Republicans', and, sadly, some Democrats' response to the violence in Paris.

#politics #refugees #election2016
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That's probably his weakest position. We do know more of the same help will get more help we can't afford. 
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John Thomas

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Einstein's Theory of Relativity ...

... in 7 minutes for $250,000.
Ryan Chester was the first winner of Silicon Valley's "Breakthrough Junior Challenge."
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Young minds need guidance not tending for humanity to flourish. 
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John Thomas

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It's ok to say I don't know.

Often the questions are more important than the answers.
The Power Of I Don't Know
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John Thomas

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Digital Literacy Declining!?

In Australia, it seems that the digital natives and their teachers have some work to do. Perhaps Australia's new Digital Technologies Curriculum will help stem the slide in student performance evident in recent digital literacy assessments.
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The numbers are very worrying, especially for remote and indigenous communities.
I do question an aspect of the curriculum, though I admit to not knowing what is actually taught now and how: A lot of the goals mentioned relate to spreadsheets. How many households actually use a spreadsheet for anything?
I spent my working life with IT and I don't. At work, sure, but not at home other than while doing work at home. If schools are doing now what they did while my kids were attending, they are relying a lot on parents to actually teach kids the skills teachers necessarily gloss over in classes, and that won't work.
My kids learnt to use computers for more than playing games, largely through a process of osmosis, but most of their friends didn't. Those friends, now with children of their own of school age, are being relied on to pass on skills that most of them simply don't have.
Add to that there are a lot of families out there (you know, in the real world) that still don't have a computer in the home.
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The Right To Wear Religious Headdress

A victory for common sense. Do you agree?
In another small but strategically important symbolic win for reason and rational thinking a Massachusetts woman, using the law and first amendment principles, has won her right to wear a spaghetti strainer on her head in her drivers license photo.
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lol. He holds that last card.
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