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Good news follows bad on asylum seekers

Following the disappointing decision by Australia's High Court that offshore detention of refugees is legal, the Labor government in Victoria has informed the Federal government that Victoria will "accept full responsibility" for the families and children brought to Australia from Nauru who, thanks to the High Court, could now be legally returned to offshore detention.
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has written to the Prime Minister offering to "accept full responsibility" for the families and children brought to Australia from Nauru.
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John Thomas

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Vic gov schools this is a great deal for the latest Adobe subscriptions. Opt in before Feb 28th!
The Department of Education & Training has negotiated a deal with Adobe for Victorian Government Schools for an extensive range of their products. There are two base collections of application...
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I'm really proud of you, John Thomas! Here's my contact number 09475801269.
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John Thomas

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Apple v Google Competition Good for Schools

It seems that Apple recognises the need to make the iPad, designed originally as a single user machine, more classroom friendly. That's good news for schools.
Chromebook eclipses Apple's classroom hardware. Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) acquires the tech startup LearnSprout to enhance school software for its iPads.
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What you can't earn you buy, isn't much of a social lesson to teach successful thinking for those without unlimited spending of others money. 
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John Thomas

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It's true!
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John Thomas

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Thank you +Google Australia​.

A powerful statement on Australia Day 2016, the anniversary of the arrival of the British Fleet in Port Jackson near Sydney Harbour. Not all Australians celebrate that day, so perhaps it is time that we chose a more inclusive date - one that indigenous Australians can celebrate too.
If you were hoping to wake up to an all ‘Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi’ Australia Day this morning, then whatever you do, don’t log onto the world’s largest website. In a stunning departure from convention, today’s ‘Google Doodle’ – the picture that adorns the Google logo, and changes based on the significance ofMore
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John Thomas

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2015 Hottest Year on Record

Let's hope the deniers finally get the message about anthropogenic climate change.
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+Mark C​ and +Chris Robinson​ everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but they are not entitled to their own facts. :)

Open minded does not mean you also have to be ignorant.
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John Thomas

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Why is the American right so cruel?

I don't know the answer to that question, but when I look at the Republican Presidential debates and listen to the policies of the contenders I am stunned by their lack of social conscience. This exchange illustrates the point. Obama's Affordable Care Act falls well short of the standard of care provided by most developed nations' healthcare systems, but it is far better than the alternative offered by the Republican candidates for the Presidency. "Obamacare" has substantially increased the number of Americans covered by health insurance, including the man whose story is told in this sad case reported by the New York Times.

If Americans want an inclusive government that cares for all its citizens, then Ted Cruz is not their man. Sadly, it appears that many American's don't want that kind of government, and I don't know why.
A Hillary Clinton supporter whose brother-in-law, uninsured until the Affordable Care Act, died of cancer, asked Senator Ted Cruz what he would replace the law with if he dismantled it.
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+L Gorrie​​ yes, at the end of your life, you die. You can not save your life, in the end.

Two, others are not duty bound to care for you. . 
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John Thomas

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Google Passes Apple's Market Cap.

Google has just passed Apple to become the world's most valuable company by market capitalisation.
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John Thomas

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Been there (on the left, that is!) :P
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+John Thomas seen it once or always it seems. 
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John Thomas

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Major Update for Google Drive on Mobile

More of the collaborative power of Drive on desktop has come to mobile with this update that allows commenting on mobile in Docs, Sheets and Slides.
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John Thomas

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Google vs ISIS?

An interesting piece from Wired UK showing how tech companies like Google are exploring ways to take down ISIS online. ISIS, they say, is not tech savvy, and it should be possible to push their posts from public view. Yasmine Green of Google Ideas also suggests using advertising techniques to push counter messages to those found viewing extremist material online.
The Islamic State must be "contained to the dark web" if they are to be defeated online, Google boss says
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Pastafarians Rejoice!

It was only a matter of time. Scientific evidence for the FSM emerges!
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Unfortunately the colander on my head is plastic and not conducive to noodle energy lurking from the milky way. But with this great news, I shall upgrade to a full graphite version on Monday
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