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US deaths by terrorism vs deaths by gun violence

The chart says it all. Why are so many American so attached to their guns? The top bar shows US deaths from terrorism this year. The middle bar shows US deaths from terrorism from 1970 to 2014. The bottom bar shows US gun deaths this year and goes much further to the right than the image below suggests. Click on it to see just how far it goes!
Barack Obama has asked media outlets to chart gun deaths versus terrorism deaths in the United States. Here's what that looks like.
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Going back to mental health and poverty though, you say "other countries have those problems too" John, but honestly, the US is alone in "first world nations" in how badly it addresses these things.  There is nearly no safety net here, despite the constant drumbeat against welfare, and welfare is highly demonized....
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John Thomas

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John Thomas

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Tightening the Feedback Cycle

Enjoying a great session for teachers and learners on the importance of feedback in education from +Chris Betcher. Check out Chris's amazing collection of resources for this and his other sessions at Google Apps for Education Summits. #gafesummit  
Chris Betcher's support resources for presenting stuff at Google Summits
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I've been pondering how teachers are able to teach thinking skills while under such a level of mental intolerance to disagreement that perception of offense is the standard for guilt while the accuser enjoys full protection under the law. 
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John Thomas

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Nexus 6P looks tempting

This leaked presentation seems authentic. Google's new flagship phones are expected to be announced officially on 29 September.
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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I ordered a new phone day before yesterday.
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John Thomas

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Melbourne GAFE Summit 2015

Congratulations to +Kimberley Hall - EdTechTeam, +Jim Sill and all those associated with the EdTechTeam Melbourne Summit Featuring Google for Education at Xavier College. Great show. Great food too! 

Now I'm enjoying the closing keynote from the inimitable @mistersill.
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We are excited here in Adelaide - bring on the Summit!
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John Thomas

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Full house for Google's +Sallyann Williams​ keynote ...

... at Melbourne GAFE Summit. No one leaving the auditorium could doubt the importance of computer science education for the future and the need to encourage more students to consider it both as a great career opportunity and an opportunity to face and meet the big challenges ahead.
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Wish I had been there +Sallyann Williams +Suan Yeo - next time!! 
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John Thomas

Morality  - 
What is your preferred ethical theory?

I’m curious which normative ethical theories members of this community favor, so here is a quiz to find out. Feel free to explain why you favor one theory over another in the comments.

Deontological Ethics
The morality of an action should be based on the action's adherence to rules or duties. 

The morality of an action should be judged solely by its consequences. 

Virtue Ethics
Ethics should focus on the virtue or moral character of the person carrying out an action, rather than on ethical rules and duties, or the consequences of particular actions.

Divine Command/Nature Theory
Good is whatever God commands or good is derived from God’s nature.

Cultural Relativism
Right and wrong are determined by social norms that differ from one society to another.

Unfortunately G+ polls are limited to five items, so if you would like to answer 'None of the above', feel free to add something in the comments.
76 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Deontological Ethics
Virtue Ethics
Divine Command/Nature Theory
Cultural Relativism
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+Douglas Ferguson I am right now.
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John Thomas

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Lots of Unexpected Learning at Adelaide #gafesummit  .

Like how to get an amazing score on your Fitbit! Thanks +Kimberley Hall - EdTechTeam.
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John Thomas

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Google's Expeditions for Education

Climbing El Capitan in Yosemite, swimming with Great White Sharks, and exploring the Colosseum using Google’s new product Expeditions with Cardboard with +Suan Yeo and +Joel Solomons at Adelaide’s Google for Education Summit.

Links to checkout:
Bringing immersive and educational virtual reality journeys to schools, teachers, and students around the world.
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Been following with great interest for awhile.  Glad to see its public face.  I am wondering how this will combine with social media and form a perfect storm of distraction--jack in to something that seems more real than reality or at the very least more manageable?  
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John Thomas

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The Phones Just Keep Getting Better

It's amazing how much improvement we've seen in mobile phones in recent years and the improvements keep coming. Hot on the heals of the new iPhone 6S, Google is about to announce two new Nexus models and Microsoft two new Lumia models. 
Check out the brand new CAD images and video of the upcoming Microsoft Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL.
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John Thomas

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Handy Tip from Google - Focus!

Sometimes easier said than done, but this should help.
When you want to really focus, it's just one keyboard shortcut away #ChromeEdu
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John Thomas

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Melbourne 2015 GAFE Summit Resources

The presentations from my sessions at the Melbourne GAFE Summit: #gafesummit
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    Teacher, Consultant, Professional Developer, 2009 - present
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    Founder & Sole Director, 2007 - present
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    Founder & Managing Director, 2000 - 2006
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Victoria, Australia
Australian elearning pioneer - part entrepreneur, part teacher & part geek. Google Certified Teacher.
Australian elearning pioneer, teacher and entrepreneur. Founded Dataworks in 1985 - a company which grew to become Australia’s leading curriculum software publisher. Brought Australia’s best loved children’s characters to interactive format including The Wiggles, Bananas in Pyjamas, Hi-5, Play School and others. These award winning titles broke local sales records and were licensed for resale in more than 50 countries worldwide. Sold business in 2007 and moved to Victoria's Central Highlands. Focused on helping teachers, students and school communities make the most of the transformative potential of new technologies.
  • Marian College, Ararat
  • University of Ballarat
    Diploma of Teaching
  • Monash University, Clayton
    Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy
  • Monash University, Clayton
    Master of Educational Studies - Educational Computing
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