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CAPTCHA's Days Are Numbered

Google researchers set out to develop a more accurate method to identify numbers in images taken for Google Street View. They achieved better than 90 per cent accuracy deciphering tens of millions of numbers contained in Street View images.

The days of CAPTCHA (an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart") as test used in computing to determine whether or not the user is human seem numbered. (Story from The Age.)
Google researchers have developed technology that nearly perfectly deciphers the distorted combinations of numbers and letters commonly used on the internet to test whether or not someone is human.
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+David Zoll and +nandu menon I think we'll be fine until the robots start replicating. Then we're finished!
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John Thomas

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Codeclub - Why not start one?

The mission of Code Club Australia is to give every child in Australia the chance to learn to code by providing project materials and a volunteering framework that supports the running of after-school coding clubs.
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Hi Riss. Will you be using this after school hours or could it be used as a lunchtime activity?
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Sydney Google in Education Summit

+Chris Betcher is about to deliver the closing keynote of the Sydney Google in Education Summit. Congrats to the EdTech team and PLC Sydney on providing so many passionate educators with the opportunity to share their learning. #gafesummit

I've linked below to the resource from my two presentations at the Summit on collaboration and engagement.
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John Thomas

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Medieval Helpdesk

A familiar scenario for anyone who's helped the technically challenged.
Enjoy the #Monday  folks!

Here is a fun video for all the people needing a help desk.  :-)

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Thank you for the laugh!
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John Thomas

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Samsung to go it alone?

Rumors of Samsung's wish to leave Android have gained credibility with these recent leaks. But wishing to leave Android and deciding that it's the smart thing to do aren't necessarily the same thing. It will be an interesting space to watch.
Samsung Wants to Leave Android According to Internal Documents Revealed During Apple Lawsuit

#android   #samsung   #apple   #iphone   #galaxys5   #google  
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Of all the dumbass things to do... Why Samsung why
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John Thomas

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Google Nabs Sydney Monorail

Caught the monorail with +Chris Betcher today. But what was it doing inside Google's Sydney offices!?
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Microsoft Office Launches in Chrome Webstore

Microsoft has entered the Chrome Webstore and now allows Chrome users to add Word Online, PowerPoint Online, OneNote Online and OneDrive to their Chrome App launchers.
Summary: Microsoft is making the Web versions of its Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote apps available to users through the Chrome Web Store.
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Google+ = Passions

"Google+ = Passions. The ultimate clubhouse." +Adam Vardanega presenting at the Google in Education Sydney Summit.
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John Thomas

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Google in Education Sydney Summit Tomorrow

Looking forward to the Sydney Google in Education Summit tomorrow at PLC in Croydon. Subject to any late changes I'll be presenting during sessions 3 and 6.
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John Thomas

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What does the future hold for libraries?

We need them now, but what will the libraries of the future be like? Will we still need them? Will they have amazing content curation and massive bandwidth that still draws us inside, or will our digital library, along with our digital librarian be accessible 24/7/365 directly from our neural implants?

Thx +Tony Richards for sharing.
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I personally like to be handed down books . Nothing beats the feeling of excitement I get when I read and re-read a book once belonged to a dear person that passed away whether that be spiritual, general knowledge or even a cook book! To me digital libraries are convenient but the real excitement comes from opening a book and reading its pages. Having said that, for most of my studies I refer to online libraries , simply for the vast amount of information available that one or two books cannot provide. 
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Australian elearning pioneer, teacher and entrepreneur. Founded Dataworks in 1985 - a company which grew to become Australia’s leading curriculum software publisher. Brought Australia’s best loved children’s characters to interactive format including The Wiggles, Bananas in Pyjamas, Hi-5, Play School and others. These award winning titles broke local sales records and were licensed for resale in more than 50 countries worldwide. Sold business in 2007 and moved to Victoria's Central Highlands. Focused on helping teachers, students and school communities make the most of the transformative potential of new technologies.
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