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John Struemph

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"I prefer to always think outside the box. Therefore please dont put me in one. Even if you think it's appropriate" - Me

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John Struemph

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Just to get an early jump on wishes for all of you and the fact that someone I know somewhere is already into Thanksgiving day!

On this American Holiday celebration of Thanksgiving:

I wish you and yours have a wonderful day,
Full of peace dear God if you may
Keep one and all both safe and sound
well fed and happy with bellies round
All of those that keep harm at arms length
continue with full hearts and at full strength
All of those with less than most
God please provide them with a gracious host
Music in the air for all to hear
to bring smiles to sad faces and grins ear to ear
So dear God, this is what I pray
and give thanks to you this Thanksgiving Day

@JS 11/26/2014
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John Struemph

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"A guitarist's search for atone" 

Forgive me father
for I have sinned
My time
in the confessional
did begin
Unrolling a list
reaching down
to the floor
Maybe ten thousand things
maybe more
So as I finished
my lengthy scribe
3 million Hail Mary's,
Our Fathers,
did he prescribe
So as I left
I sighed ok
It will take
40 years or more
if a day
And besides
all that
All my friends
went the other way

JS 2015

Dedicated to friends, foes, loved one's, sinners, saints, Fathers, Sisters and the holy spirit who probably finds all of us rather amusing.
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John Struemph

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"Infinite Riches"

My idea of flatware
is a spork
and a good sharp knife
I put on no airs
or pretense
Its the way I live my life

Folks say
that money talks
Well I say 
that's partly true
But you really know
who your true friends are
When you're down and out and blue

So my idea
of Vintage Sauvignon
is good old
sun sweet tea
from an old Ball mason jar
Yeah, That's the chalice for me

So when you come to visit
Don't judge
Dont even start
Because my riches
are vast and wide
My riches come from the heart

JS 2015

Inspired by the good simple things in life! Cheap pizza, deep laughs, cool evenings, wagging tails, good music, falling stars and the love of one another in whatever form makes you happy.
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John Struemph

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It's one of the biggest fines ever levied by the FCC against a telecom provider.
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John Struemph

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Can someone explain to me why Chrome will save your password and then just periodically freaking lose it? It's pretty damn maddening!
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John Struemph

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"Blue Dream"

Soaring beyond
valley and stream
The clouds above
The mountains on high
To live
To dream
To fly

Carry me past
all of my woes
Carry me past
all of the oats
I have sowed

Take me where
I have never been
Show me
what I have
never seen

Reveal a place
to make a new start
A place to rest
A place for my heart
To live
To dream
To fly


Thanks to Joe Satriani for the inspiration
Shut Up And Play Your Guitar's profile photo
Still,one of my favorite songs by Joe.
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John Struemph

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We are but a nation of the exiled, homeless, and unwanted. Here we have made a home, tolerant of all but the intolerable, cherishing what should be cherished, nourishing those that should be nourished, caring for those that should be cared for. - Me -
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John Struemph

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New from BlastraBrainica comes the perfect prescription for political decisions. Don't know who to vote for? Bleeding hearts or Uber rich wage naysayers? Well we have a pill for you. Ask your doctor for a prescription for "OhHellNo". You will not care one bit either way, be apathetic to all, and not give one whit about all those wacky private server emails. Yes you, Mister and Misses Joe Average American can take "OhHellNo" today and breeze clean through the next year!

Warning: Side affects may include happiness, smelling of roses, massive savings on electronics and media, loss of health care, taxes moving either direction but something else going up in an equally alarming manner, sane and happy discussions at family functions, reversal of unlike's on social media, and too many other things to list within the confines of this company and the internet's servers.

Ask your doctor today!

No insurance? Too bad, so sad, $595.00 per tablet, gold bullion or Krugerrand's only, not any of that paper crap (are you crazy?? we aren't). Slightly lower in Canada......... 

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Image borrowed from Google search,  from someplace on the Inetz and only borrowed for effect..... No money, trade deals or first born children changed hands......
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John Struemph

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Public Facility #1

Been in ten thousand
unclean restrooms
In this land
from coast to coast
But the ones that are in truck stops
Are the ones I hate the most 

I10 20 40
U.S. 80 for sure
I35 55 95
and more
Now I don't want to come off
as sounding really mean
But how much would it take
To keep just one thing clean

Typically out of gaskets
Thankfully not out of tp
But a pleasant aroma
well that was not to be
Is freshener too costly
Or the big mint
where I pee

So I endure these things
While out on the road
And have to unceremoniously 
drop a load
Folks before you leave
I have one favor
To ask
Please flush the commode
When your done wipin'
your ass.

And oh yeah 
Please refill the soap

JS 2015

Written for all you road warriors out there, somebody had to say something......   LOL
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John Struemph

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Hoping the Foo's and Dave make the trip. You guys earned it!

John Struemph

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Very typical of Microsoft! :-)
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Well I mean beta super beta maxed lol
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