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Matthew Moynihan (The Polywell Guy)
The Polywell Guy, Since 2008. In fusion research, since 2006.
The Polywell Guy, Since 2008. In fusion research, since 2006.


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Notes On The VLAB Fusion Event
Introduction: On Tuesday November 7 th 2017 a fusion panel
discussion was held on Stanford’s campus. 
The panel was organized by Virtual Labs, a non-for-profit organization
in Silicon Valley. The goal of VLAB is connect entrepreneurs to
technologists.  Form...

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The Current State Of US Fusion
Introduction: In November, I got a call from a podcaster .   His name was Gabe.   He was curious about fusion.   Gabe “…want to do an energy show and contrast
fusion with new fission.   I honestly know
very little about it…”   Questions were
sent along and ...

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Rotamaks: Yet Another Ignored Fusion Technology
Note: This article was written between March and May of 2017.  My goal here is to communicate as simply and
as accurately as I can.  For this post, I
did some fact checking with folks inside Dr. Cohens’ group at Princeton.  Still, it is not perfect.  But, n...

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Fusion Documentary: "Let There Be Light" Review
Introduction On March 10 th a new documentary  premiered at the South By Southwest Festival [1].   The name of the film was “Let There Be Light.”   This was a labor of love by the company Eye
Steel Films [2].   The Canadian firm has
been working since 2013 ...

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When I finished this - the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. The Fusion Podcast, Season 1 Trailer.

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Silicon Valley Gets In The Fusion Game
Silicon Valley Gets In The Fusion Game Introduction: On April first 2017, a Silicon
Valley startup named Apollo Fusion announced its’ intention to create a
fusion-fission hybrid power plant [3]. 
The company consists of two key people: a plasma thruster exp...

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An Intensive Analysis of Lockheeds' Fusion Research
An Analysis of Lockheed-Martins’ Fusion Effort This article was written haphazardly over a few
weeks in November and December of 2016.  As
always, the best way to read this is on PDF – so I encourage you to download
this off GitHub.  The article is not

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Venture Capital Finds Fusion
Venture Capital Finds Fusion Introduction:        It was quite a sight. Four fusion experts were invited to speak to investors. Just a few years ago, this would have been impossible. In the past, you could not find any private capital who would waste their ...

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